Gas Turbine Maintenance: Understanding Borescope Inspections

gas turbine inspectionGas turbine inspections are much more difficult than other industrial and manufacturing procedures. Because gas turbines operate at a much higher temperature than steam turbines, 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit versus 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s essential that a borescope inspection is being done to avoid harm.

Without boroscopic inspection of gas turbines, it will not only be difficult to identify any issues within the machine, it will also but everyone in the area in immediate danger due to the extremely high temperatures. So be sure to use a borescope whenever you’re performing a gas turbine inspection.

Understanding borescope inspections:
A borescope is a tool used to view the innermost parts of a machine that would otherwise be virtually impossible to see. Additionally, this device is used to careful inspect turbines and other machines in order to refrain from damaging the item in any way.

Typical borescopes have both rigid and flexible length options, a lighting system, an optical system consisting of relay lens, rod lens, fiber optic image guide, or a CMOS camera, and an eyepiece in order to view the projected image.

In addition to gas turbine inspections, borescopes are used to careful view other combustion engines, difficult-to-reach piping, heat exchanger tubes, gear boxes, retrieve foreign objects, and inspect any other machined or manufactured parts.

There are other ways to inspect the insides of turbines and other potentially dangerous parts, but borescopes provide plenty of advantages, including:

  • Ease of use — Because borescopes have a straightforward design, both rigid and flexible options are easy to manipulate, especially compared to other inspection devices.
  • Produce high-quality images — Using rigid borescopes provides the best quality images, but flexible cameras work well, too. Certain borescopes can even identify imperfections within a turbine or machine as small as 0.0001.
  • Excellent coverage distance — Flexible borescopes can reach far greater depths and cover distant areas with great accuracy and detail.

If you’re in need of professional borescope inspection services and want to learn more about this intricate process, contact Advanced Turbine Support today.

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