Natural Gas Energy Production For All

Natural Gas Energy Production For All

The second biggest energy source in the United States is natural gas. In 2016, the U.S. extracted over 2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. The U.S. is the largest producer of natural gas globally.


Natural gas is hydrocarbon, and as a non-renewable energy source, it is primarily used for cooking, heating and as an electric energy source. It is used for fuel in vehicles with combustion engines and as a chemical base for the production of commercial grade plastics.


Natural gas is extracted from underground rock formations deep inside the earth. Biogenic gas is made from bogs, marshes and landfills and sediments in shallow depths and methanogenic gas come from deeper underground reservoirs composed of organic material. Natural gas, of course, before it can be used for energy production, must be cleaned of water and other impurities so that it can meet market specifications.


Turbine support is critical to the natural gas sector. Gas turbines are key to the natural gas industry and if the turbines are not working properly or efficiently, the natural gas industry doesn’t retain its energy producer status. We’ll explore the turbine process next.

The gas turbine blades drive both the compressor and the electric generator. First, expanding gas drives the turbine, which causes the blades to rotate. The compressor then draws more highly pressurized air into the chamber which in turn produces electricity.


Turbine Support


Turbine inspection is vital in identifying any potential problems with the equipment. Regularly inspected turbines and borescopes can mitigate against costly repairs and time spent offline.


Turbine maintenance follows the inspection. This will keep the equipment running in optimal condition. If there are no problems with the equipment, maintenance personnel provide quality control. It’s important to have the equipment working properly, efficiently and safely for all involved.


Looking Toward The Future


Innovation is the gas in the engine, so to speak, in any industry including the natural gas industry. Forward-thinking research and development lead to beta testing of new technology, which provides the natural gas industry with prototypes of the future. In a growing industry, innovation is critical.


Natural gas producers do well to keep abreast of the newest innovation and technologies set to come online in order to compete in this vital global market.

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