How Borescope Inspections Benefit Gas Turbines

How Borescope Inspections Benefit Gas Turbines

In the United States, natural gas is the second most relied on source of energy. This alone makes gas turbines an essential part of American infrastructure. To help maintain them and keep them producing energy efficiently, regular borescope inspections should be conducted. Without regular inspections, foreign particles could be allowed to accumulate within the turbine, reducing efficiency. Likewise, potentially damaging issues could go undetected until the complete shutdown of the turbine is warranted. Regular inspections aren’t just for peace of mind, they’re crucial for prolonging turbine life and ensuring efficiency and optimal output.

What are Borescope Inspections?

A borescope inspection of gas turbines helps to give engineers a closer view of the inner components and problem areas. This process allows for easier monitoring of wear and tear, as well as the ability to fix small problems before they have the potential to grow into larger issues. Borescope inspections are also great because you don’t have to worry about overlooking hard to reach areas, or disassembling the turbine to see inside. Additionally, the video feed from the borescope can be recorded so that you have a visible record of the inspection. This can be useful in the event you wish to monitor specific areas and compare them over time to see if problems are developing. Being able to compare the footage side by side will make it evident if anything has changed.

How Borescope Inspections Benefit Gas Turbines

  • Borescopes are thin enough to get into even the hardest to reach spaces. This gives you more coverage overall and ensures that nothing is overlooked.
  • The footage recorded from a borescope can be saved for future reference. This can give engineers a better idea of problem areas and what they need to be aware of in the future.
  • Borescope inspections can be completed without having to dismantle the turbine. This makes it easier for both you and inspectors, as well as saving you time overall.
  • Likewise, when repairs are needed, engineers will know what to expect before dismantling the turbine. This allows them to have a repair plan in place that can cut back on the time the turbine is offline.
  • Borescopes are also able to locate foreign objects that might have entered and become lodged within the turbine. Without being able to see every small crevice, issues like this could go overlooked.

Gas turbines are an important part of American infrastructure, and without them, power creation would suffer drastically. To help keep your turbines running at optimal efficiency, consider how regular borescope inspections can benefit you. They can not only help increase the lifespan of your turbines, but they can help keep you informed about changes with internal components that could help prevent a future shutdown. If you haven’t already, speak with a borescope inspection service near you, and ask about what they can do for you.

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