Eddy Current and Eddy Current Array Inspections (ET and ETA)

Advanced Turbine Support, LLC utilizes advanced phased analysis and array technologies to perform their patented and proprietary inspections. Advanced Turbine Support has partnered with the cutting edge inspection equipment producers to develop and implement in-situ inspections that no other inspection company can offer. With applications that have reduced an inspection from a 4 week rotor removal to a 2 day in-situ inspection, Advanced Turbine Support will develop and implement an inspection method to best meet your needs and provide unbiased inspection results. With our encoding capabilities when utilizing arrays, we are able to provide 2 and even 3 dimensional imaging to give our customers the information they need to make educated decisions with regards to preventative maintenance resulting in improved availability and cost savings. Advanced Phase Analysis and Encoded Eddy Current Array inspections are performed to ensure components integrity on items such as rotating and/or stationary dovetails and airfoils, cases and valve bodies, gears, and rotating components for life extension evaluations.