Understanding the Importance of Gas Turbine Inspections

borescope inspection of gas turbineA gas turbine is a type of internal combustion engine that has an upstream rotating compressor coupled to a downstream turn, as well as a combustor in between. The essential function of these gas turbines is similar to a steam power plant except that the main source is air instead of water as working fluid.

As hot gas expands throughout the turbine, it rotates the blades to drive the compressor to draw more pressurized air into the combustion section and to spin the generator and produce electricity.

For numerous industries, it’s essential to fully understand the ins and outs of these complicated machines, especially when it comes to a thorough borescope inspection of gas turbines.

Without a proper borescope inspection report, the machines that are in use could not only be working at low efficiency levels, they could also be quite dangerous due to the high temperatures and heat combustion. That’s why you should never neglect your gas turbine inspections.

Unless you’re fully aware of how to perform a thorough borescope inspection of gas turbines, you should consider consulting with a team of professionals. There are quality borescope inspection services that can assist you during these complicated inspections and ensure that your gas turbines are safe for operation and working at high efficiency levels.

Keep in mind that there are two types of land-based gas turbines: the heavy frame engine turbine and the aeroderivative engine turbine.

Aeroderivative gas turbines are primarily used in electrical power generation due to their ability to be easily shut down and handle load changes more quickly than traditional industrial machines. Additionally, aeroderivative turbines are popular options for the marine industry in order to reduce weight.

The heavy frame engine turbine has been a popular option for decades. Following World War II, John Sergeant used a General Electric gas turbine with exhaust-gas regeneration for 9,700 hours (7,000 hours using residual fuel).

Without gas turbines, dozens of industries would be without efficient power and there would be an abundance of mechanical and engineering issues. Luckily there have been plenty of advancements over the years and these machines aren’t going anywhere.

If you are in need of a quality borescope inspection of gas turbines, contact Advanced Turbine Support right away.

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