3D Printing Changing Gas Turbine Industry

boroscopic inspection of gas turbineThere are a few major changes coming to a very important industry. Gas turbines are an integral part of the entire global energy sector and the U.S. is a main contributor. In fact, the United States was the largest producer of natural gas across the globe in 2016, extracting nearly 750 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Thanks to some innovative research and breakthroughs within the 3D printing sector, gas turbines are going to be greatly improved over the next few years.

According to Siemens, a team of experts has, for the first time ever, used additive manufacturing to produce full-load tested gas turbine blades.

“This is a groundbreaking success for the use of additive manufacturing in the field of power generation, one of the most demanding areas of application for this technology,” said CEO of Siemens Power and Gas Division. “The successful tests resulted from the efforts of a committed international project team comprising Siemens engineers from Finspong, Lincoln, and Berlin, as well as experts from Materials Solutions.”

Large gas turbine blades need to be able to withstand all kinds of extreme conditions, so it’s rare that any 3D-printed material would be able to withstand high temperatures and deal with all types of weather hitting the turbine. Luckily, the new 3D materials are durable enough.

Boroscopic inspection of gas turbines will still remain important within the energy sector as well. Without proper borescope inspection services, a turbine won’t work as efficient as it could be. Additionally, turbine support services can end up saving you a significant amount of money on future repair or replacement services — so be sure to get a thorough boroscopic inspection of gas turbine regularly.

Keep an eye out on what new additions come out of the 3D printing world in terms of how they will impact gas turbines. Also, you need to make sure you’re having a professional inspect your gas turbine to fully prevent significant damage. If you’re in need of an experienced boroscopic inspection of gas turbine, contact Advanced Turbine Support right away.

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