Exploring the Benefits of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) for your Business

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Non destructive testing, also known as non destructive inspection and non destructive examination (that’s NDT, NDI, and NDE, respectively), is essential for businesses that depend on high tech equipment such as gas turbines. Without non destructive testing, it would be necessary to dismantle — and in some cases destroy — equipment just to examine it.

Non destructive testing techniques such as borescope services provide a number of benefits to modern industry. Here are a few benefits of non destructive evolution borescope services:

Borescope inspection of gas turbines can help you identify current and future problems within your equipment and potentially prevent both financially straining and physically dangerous issues down the lien.

Even small salt particles, for instance, can be extremely damaging to a gas turbine. Once salt particles attach themselves to the blades of the turbine, they begin to attract other materials and particles like dirt, which subsequently builds up and causes a strain on various parts of the turbine. Something as little as salt and dirt particles can even decrease a turbine’s power output by as much as 15%.

Borescope services allow for NDE inspections and can identify these minor issues, allowing you to adjust accordingly and prevent future damages by preparing what’s already damaged.

Additionally, this form of NDE inspection can significantly decrease company-wide downtime that would otherwise be spent trying to, often unsuccessfully, address underlying turbine issues by hand. NDE keeps your company’s turbines and other essential equipment up and running while providing you the ability to test additional procedures that are already underway. Rather than stopping your entire plant’s operation and shutting down all necessary equipment, you can simply identify every issue down to the finest damage particle through a non-invasive inspection process.

Quality control is essential for any business relying on multiple pieces of equipment on a daily basis — and inspections are necessary for maintaining those essential equipment items. If you want to learn more about how non destruction evaluations can work wonders for your gas turbine inspection, or find a high quality borescope for those very inspections, contact Advanced Turbine Support today.

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