Importance of Proper Gas Turbine Inspection, Operation, and Maintenance

gas turbineSteam turbines have been used since the early 1880s for energy production. These machines have certainly come a long way since then and are now found in energy plants across the globe. No matter how effective a gas turbine machine is, however, there is one aspect that needs to handled at all times: turbine inspection.

These machines are an integral part of natural gas and global energy production, so it’s essential that they are properly functioning at all times. Though turbines can be extremely large, even the smallest dirt and salt particles can significantly damage these machines, essentially ruining their production value and causing major problems throughout the rest of the energy plant. Salt particles attach themselves to a turbine’s blades and attract other damaging particles — this damaging process can actually decrease a turbine’s power output by up to 15%.

With borescope inspections, it’s easy to get inside a gas turbine and identify any potential issues, whether it’s particle pileup or broken blades, and can allow repair teams to get in and fix whatever issue is present. If you suspect something is wrong with your turbine, it’s not like you can just reach your hand in the damaged area and feel around for the problem. These gas powered turbines operate at extremely high temperatures, especially compared to steam turbines. Typically, gas machines operate at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for steam turbines.

If you’re dealing with turbines at any level, you need to make sure that you’re working with a skilled inspection company to ensure that your essential equipment items are functioning properly, damage free, and are safe to be around. Don’t neglect these expensive, large, and important items just because you think they are working fine. There could be something so small going on inside your turbine that can only be identified with a detailed borescope turbine inspection.

If you’re in need of a thorough boroscopic inspection of gas turbines for your power plant, or want to learn more about the gas turbine inspection process, give Advanced Turbine Support a call today.

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