China On the Verge of ‘Major Boom’ In Gas Distribution Sector

gas turbine inspectionNatural gas is the second most heavily consumed energy source across the United States. In China, thanks to some innovative gas turbines that have made their way to the market, natural gas will soon become even more of an integral energy source across the country.

According to Power Engineering, Siemens will now supply SGT-700 Gas Turbines to China’s distributed generation market. For the first time, the Aero Engine Corporation of China, alongside Siemens, will be fully functioning in Taiping Industrial Park, Guangzhou, subsequently improving the nation’s energy production, consumption, and contributing to the development of a green economy across China.

“With the continuous optimization of the energy mix, China will usher in a boom of efficient and environmentally friendly natural-gas distributed energy,” said Yao Zhenguo, executive vice president of Siemens Ltd., China and general manager of Power and Gas Division Greater China.

These innovative gas turbines will enjoy a reliability score of above 99%, and can significantly improve equipment sturdiness and lifespan. As long as Taiping Industrial Park and similar power plants focus on quality turbine support services like borescope gas turbine inspection, these machines will likely perform very well for an extended period of time.

Thanks to another international energy powerhouse, China has even more projects planned to improve its gas distributed energy sector.

GE Power announced the conclusion of several milestone projects in China, marking the first 6F.01 operational gas turbines across the globe.

“The project marks a breakthrough for many, as the first-ever gas power project for the city of Guilin and the first-ever distributed energy project by China Huaneng Group,” added Li Xiaodong, general manager of Huaneng Guilin Gas Distributed Energy Co. “With GE, we are advancing the city’s smart energy initiatives, supplying high-efficiency and cleaner energy, and supporting the city’s ambition to increase prosperity.”

Again, China needs to ensure that it’s not only utilizing these powerful turbines, but are staying on top of machine maintenance and frequent gas turbine inspections to prevent any serious structural and financial issues. As long as these organizations and plant operators are taking these projects seriously, China will likely be an industry leader across the energy sector for many years to come.

“China is at the dawn of a major boom in gas distributed energy,” said Yang Dan, president of GE Power China.

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