Turbine Inspection: Importance of Through Borescope Inspections

turbine inspectionGas turbines are an integral part of the entire energy sector. Across the globe, these machines are essential for providing power to all types of industrial plants, entire communities, and so much more. In order to ensure that these turbines remain fully functional and are performing at a high level, it’s imperative that gas turbine inspection services are properly utilized.

Though a quality turbine rarely is in need of major repairs, it’s still important to perform routine inspections in order to avoid potentially significant damages. Because these machines are so powerful and important, even the smallest issue can lead to a major problem both in terms of plant damages and expensive repairs.

Since debris and other tiny particles can get into gas turbines and cause serious issues, turbine inspections need to be frequent and thorough. Salt particles are especially damaging to these machines. Once the salt attaches itself to the turbine’s blades, they begin to attract other particles like dirt and debris. This can actually decrease a turbine’s power output by roughly 15%.

The best way to identify and remove these potentially damaging issues is to consult with a professional turbine inspection company that utilizes a borescope machine. Borescopes are great for identifying these tiny particles inside a gas turbine, allowing the person performing the inspection to notice areas that would otherwise be impossible to get to by hand. Gas turbines operate at extremely high temperatures — nearing 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, so the ability to safely perform detailed and intricate inspections is key to maintaining a successful energy operation.

Across the world, gas turbines are constantly being used to produce natural gas that is an essential energy source for so many operations. Don’t ruin your energy plant’s chance of success by neglecting your large machinery. If you want to learn more about borescope inspection of gas turbines or are in need of professional assistance in order to get your energy plant back to working at optimal performance, give Advanced Turbine Support a call right away.

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