5 Steps of the Turbine Inspection Process

parts removalTurbine inspections are necessary for ensuring that your machines are fully operational and you’re getting the maximum efficiency out of them. You have to make sure you’re carefully monitoring your machinery at all times, but be sure to schedule specialized inspections at least once or twice a year.

Here are the various steps involved with a thorough borescope turbine inspection:

  • Initial inspection — Whether something is wrong with your gas turbine or not, you should regularly have these machines inspected in order to identify any structural, mechanical, or interior issues. Turbine support professionals can come to your job site and perform an ignition inspection, but you can, too. Simply look for any obvious faults pertaining to your turbines.
  • Schedule a thorough turbine inspection — If you notice that your turbine isn’t operating properly or anything at all seems strange, it’s time to schedule a more thorough inspection. Give Advanced Turbine Support a call and learn more about our turbine support services and inspections.
  • Parts removal — Inspection professionals will then arrive at your job site and begin the parts removal process. In order to get their inspection devices into the turbines, they might need to remove certain parts of the turbine.
  • Borescope turbine inspection — After the required parts have been removed, inspection professionals can utilize a borescope machine to take a look at the inside of the turbine. Since gas turbines can operate at temperatures close to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s imperative to use borescope devices when performing a thorough inspection in order to avoid serious injury or property damage.
  • Borescope inspection report follow-up — After the inspection has been administered, you’ll then relieve a detailed report outlining any issues that were identified, as well as repair work that has been done. Use this report to make the rest of your onsite decisions.

Make sure your machines are functioning properly and are safe to be around. If you want to learn more about parts removal, turbine inspections, or followup, give Advanced Turbine Support a call today.

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