How Borescope Inspection Devices Have Revolutionized the Gas Industry

borescope inspectionSteam turbines have been in use since the late 1880s for electricity production. Back in the day, if a turbine engine had anything wrong with it, it was virtually impossible to identify unless it was far too late. Now, thanks to borescope inspection services, it’s much easier to get inside a turbine and view every last detail and potential problem.

Borescopes aren’t only used for steam turbines anymore, either. Now, since natural gas is one of the most heavily consumed energy source across the globe, borescope inspection of gas turbines have become the norm. Thanks to these inspection devices, energy plants and operators are able to keep their equipment running properly and much more efficiently. Additionally, borescope services can help prevent serious damage, as well. Since gas turbines often operate at temperatures nearing 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s impossible for a human hand to get inside of a turbine engine and repair or even identify any possible issues. Borescopes can simply and safely enter the interior of a gas turbine, view everything inside, and even perform accurate repairs.

Although the majority of gas turbines work quite well for many years, problems can still arise that could potentially ruin the turbine altogether and even jeopardize the entire safety of the energy plant. Perhaps the most common issue found inside of gas turbine engines is salt particle buildup. Salt particles, once inside, can attached themselves to turbine blades and attract other dirt and bacteria that can significantly decrease a turbines power output. In fact, if enough salt particle buildup has occurred, a turbine’s power output can decrease by as much as 15%.

Don’t neglect your turbine’s energy output simply because you don’t have the right equipment for performing thorough and safe inspections. Borescope devices have truly revolutionized the gas sector and have made it much more achievable to not only inspect and identify potential issues within a turbine, but to repair them in a timely fashion, as well. If you want to learn more about the benefits of borescope inspections services or about the gas turbine industry as a whole, give Advanced Turbine Support a call right away.

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