Understanding Powerful Machines: 6 Important Components of Gas Turbines

Understanding Powerful Machines: 6 Important Components of Gas Turbines

If you’re operating an energy power plant or are involved with overseeing gas turbines at any level, you might be very intimidated by these machines. That’s where borescope inspection services come in. With a borescope inspection of gas turbines, you’ll be able to identify even the smallest issue that could potentially ruin your entire operation.

Since a turbine is quite complicated, it’s important to at least have an understanding of some of the parts within. Here are some of the most important design and structural aspects of gas turbines:


    • Airflow — The output power of these machines can be increased by adjusting the mass flow of air through the machine itself. An increase in flow requires an increase in speed, which is limited to the maximum continuous running speed of the design.


    • Rating point — A rating point can be established for determining the machine’s overall performance for specific conditions, including duct loses, fuel, temperature, humidity, and more.


    • Site rating — The site rating is a statement of the basic turbine performance under certain site conditions. The specific site conditions include elevation, auxiliary power takeoff, output power level, compressor air extraction, fuel composition, emission controls, ambient temperature, and duct pressure losses.


    • Modules — There are three primary modules within these gas-producing machines: the compressor module, combustion module, and the actual turbine module.


    • Maximum cycle temperature — The output power of the machines can be increased by adjusting the maximum cycle temperature. The cycle temp has designated the turbine rotor inlet temperature (TRIT). The TRIT is calculated immediately upstream for the first-stage routine rotor, which includes the calculated effects of cooling and temperature drop across the stator vanes.


    • Speed land temperature imitations — As the speed increases throughout the machine, the centrifugal force on the components that rotate increases as well. These forces impact the turbine’s disks, blades, attachment, safety design, and rotor geometry.


If you want to learn more about how to better take care of these important machines, give Advanced Turbine Support a call right away.

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