Understanding Borescope Devices For Gas Turbine Inspections

Understanding Borescope Devices For Gas Turbine Inspections

Gas turbines operate at a much higher temperature than steam turbines. In fact, gas turbines typically operate at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, compared to steam turbines, which typically operate at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Because these machines involve such high temperatures, an individual cannot simply perform a gas turbine inspection by hand.


Plant workers and supervisors can’t just neglect these machines, however, because that can lead to serious financial concerns and even physical dangers. So how can someone stay on top of turbine maintenance and actually perform gas turbine inspections?


Borescope inspection of gas turbines


A borescope is a device used to perform thorough, detailed, and invasive inspections of machines like gas turbines. These are optical tools utilized to view areas that would otherwise not be visible or accessible. In order to perform a thorough inspection, the borescope is inserted into the machine to evaluate its interior contents without destroying anything or jeopardizing the safety of anyone.


Since even particles as small as salt and little pieces of dirt can damage a turbine and ruin its energy output, you need to make sure that you’re utilizing borescope devices regularly to perform turbine inspections. Neglecting proper maintenance and inspection tasks can cause major financial and energy problems for plants of all sizes.


Though it’s recommended to consult with professional turbine support services for borescope inspections, it’s still a good idea to understand what these devices are used for and how they are constructed.


Here are some of the most important borescope components:

  • Eyepiece or monitor which allows for viewing
  • Rigid or flexible working length
  • Optical system consisting of a relay lens system, rod lens system, CMOS camera, or a fiber optic image guide
  • Light source to illuminate the target under inspection


In addition to gas turbine inspections, borescope devices are used to non destructively inspect all kinds of industrial systems and equipment, including:

  • Manufactured or machined parts
  • Internal composition engines
  • Pipes
  • Cast parts
  • Foreign object retrieval
  • Heat exchanger tubes
  • Welds
  • Gear boxes
  • Security and law enforcement contraband



If you want to learn more about how borescope devices can help with your gas turbine inspection or work with quality turbine support services, give Advanced Turbine Support a call today.

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