Gas Turbine Inspections: The Importance of Borescope Devices

Gas Turbine Inspections: The Importance of Borescope Devices

The United States was the largest producer of natural gas across the globe in 2016, extracting nearly 750 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Throughout the country, there are gas turbine plants that power entire communities through natural gas. These machines are efficient, powerful, and extremely vital to the global energy sector.

Since turbines are so important, thorough and quality gas turbine inspections need to be regularly scheduled in order to maintain their functionality and efficiency. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to perform various maintenance tasks and inspections when it comes to gas turbines. They operate at extremely high temperatures, which could significantly harm anyone attempting to work on a turbine with their bare hands. Luckily, there are devices that are utilized to get inside of a gas turbine and view everything going on within.

Borescope inspection services involve borescope camera devices, which can offer visual inspections inside the rotor, where human hands could not physically reach. Borescope devices are less intrusive than other forms of maintenance and inspection products, and are efficient when it comes to saving time, as well.

These devices can get inside a turbine’s rotor and search for, identify, and even adjust any abnormalities. If gas turbines aren’t working properly, they can be out of service for weeks, causing all sorts of energy, production, and financial problems.

In addition to gas turbine inspections, there are various turbine support services available to power plants, including:

  • Aeroderivative inspections
  • Engineering disposition for various findings upon request
  • Turbine unit troubleshooting
  • Eddy-current
  • Phased array ultrasonic
  • Hot gas path inspections
  • Part retrieval
  • Pre-commissioning and baseline inspection
  • Post-overhaul warranty inspection
  • In-situ remote blending and NDE, shim removal, and dye-penetrant.

Proper borescope inspections can allow you to effectively plan for upcoming power outages, as well as document the overall condition of a turbine. Without regularly scheduled turbine inceptions, your units could be inefficient, or worse. Don’t let these costly problems happen to you and your powerful equipment.

Without gas turbines functioning at high levels, dozens of domestic and international industries could be without power, leading to all sorts of costly and even dangerous problems. If you want to learn more about borescope inspection services and are in need of a quality and thorough gas turbine inspection, give Advanced Turbine Support a call right away.

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