Turbine Support Servies: Importance of Parts Retrieval

parts retrievalSteam turbines have been used to produce electricity since the 1880s and are still important today. Similarly, gas turbines, which have a little more use nowadays, are extremely important. Gas turbines, however, operate at a much higher temperature than steam turbines. Typically, these compressors operate at 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit compared to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit for a steam turbine.

There are three primary modules inside gas turbines: the compressor module, combustion module, and turbine module.

When it comes to turbine support services, parts retrieval and parts removal are essential aspects in order to maintain its efficiency. Even if you are doing everything you can to ensure your turbines are performing properly, things can always go wrong and parts and items can break off and go all over the plant. From small debris to large pieces of equipment, by working with turbine support services that specialize in parts retrieval and removal, you’ll be able to retrieve objects as far as 600 feet from the access point.

If you don’t notice a broken or loose part in your turbine, it could easily break off and be nearly impossible to get back since their operating temperatures are extremely high. Skilled retrieval technicians can carefully reach and remove objects that could be causing performance or safety issues.

Here are some of the compressor turbine and steam turbine parts that we can retrieve for you or removed from the worksite: bearings, seals, gaskets, vanes, blades, shafts, impellers, diffusers, discs, shafts, rotors, stators, diaphragms, casings, and more. Even dropping an expensive pipe wrench or high-powered flashlight inside the debts of your turbine can be costly, stressful, and lead to further issues. Rather than neglect any kind of foreign objects that fell into your turbine, it’s best to get them out as quickly, safely, and effectively as possible.

Additionally, quality turbine retrieval services have the ability to retrieve parts that were submerged in water, oil, and other liquids. And engineering support is available for any kind of abnormalities that were found.

If you are in need of parts retrieval, parts removal, or borescope inspection services, contact Advanced Turbine Support right away to get your turbine operating properly once again.

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