Boroscope Inspection Essentials

Boroscope Inspection Essentials

Advanced Turbine Support provides clients with non-destructive evaluation processes, including comprehensive boroscope inspection services for turbines. Borescope inspections can expose significant lurking problems that have the potential to bring about significant collateral damage. Equipped with the highest quality tools available, our seasoned team provides comprehensive in-situ borescope inspections with only the minimum required unit disassembly. Boroscopic turbine inspections are performed by highly experienced professionals who will also provide you with an exhaustive boroscope inspection report. Their non-destructive evaluation methods are conducted by expert inspectors who have many years of critical experience.

Regular, consistent inspection of turbines is essential and a recognized industry best practice. Boroscopes can detect defects so that they can be proactively and thoroughly corrected. Proper borescope inspections provide you with the opportunity to effectively plan for upcoming or emergent outages via detailed recording of the overall condition of a unit. These inspections provide important information useful for establishing effective mitigation plans to help eliminate damage that could result in collateral damage. We diligently work to ensure that your machines running at their best and stay that way.

Research shows that the U.S. extracted nearly 750 billion cubic meters of natural gas in 2016, taking the top spot as the largest producer of natural gas worldwide. In addition, natural gas ranks as America’s second-most heavily consumed energy source. Given the ubiquity of natural gas usage and potential scale of damage, boroscopic gas turbine inspections become all the more urgently important.

You can trust and rely on Advanced Turbine Support’s 25 years of combined experience working in and with the gas and steam turbine industry. They will provide you with a thorough, unbiased, non-destructive evaluation-based condition assessment of combustion turbines, steam turbines and electric generators. In addition to the common semi-annual or annual visual borescope gas turbine inspections, clients use our borescope inspection services for many purposes, including baseline inspections, outage planning, condition-based maintenance, pre-commissioning, post-overhaul, time sensitive assessments, emergent issues and forced outages, unit troubleshooting, and warranty inspections. Advanced Turbine Support employs many highly skilled, English and Spanish speaking inspectors who stand ready to meet your inspection needs. Give yourself solid peace of mind regarding your turbine operations and contact Advanced Turbine Support for an appointment to get your inspection process underway.

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