What Exactly Is a Borescope?

inspectionInspecting turbines is a complex, yet essential, process. When turbines are in use, they can collect debris, like dirt, dust, and even salt particles. Salt particles can be particularly damaging to turbines as they attract other particles and can even decrease a turbine’s power output by up to 15%. Fortunately, a borescope inspection can help ensure everything is in working order. But what exactly is a borescope? Well, this article is going to answer that question.

A borescope is a tool that allows inspectors to get a better look at places that can’t easily be seen — they consist of a long tube that has a camera attached to it as well as a light source to show the target area. During an inspection, the tube can be inserted into a small area, like in a turbine, and the user can see inside through the tube’s eyepiece. Borescopes allow users to get a good look at hard-to-reach places without having to completely take apart the object.

These tools can be used to inspect a variety of objects and devices besides turbine engines, including pipes, gearboxes, welds, cast parts, machined parts, internal combustion engines, and so much more.

There are two main types of borescopes: rigid borescopes and flexible borescopes. Rigid borescopes are the less expensive type and are typically more popular. This tool is non-bendable but can still be easily used for various inspection needs. Additionally, rigid borescopes offer high-quality images and allow users to easily spot damage or imperfections within the inspection area.

On the other hand, flexible borescopes consist of a twistable tube and can, therefore, be used to look in objects with curves, like vents or ductwork. And while these borescopes can allow users to bend and move the tube as needed, they are more expensive due to the flexible technology. But they may be worth the price because they can be used for both straight area access and non-straight area access.

All in all, borescopes play a crucial role in properly inspecting turbines and other equipment. Without these nifty tools, it would be a lot more difficult to reach certain places and inspections would take more time and effort.

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