The Benefits of Third Party Borescope Testing

The Benefits of Third Party Borescope Testing

In the world of gas turbines, there are two types that are land-based: heavy frame engines and aeroderivative engines. Regardless of the gas turbine and the power it produces, they all need to be tested. Gas turbine testing is critical because you need to be able to have confidence that it is working efficiently and safely. The best way to do this is by using borescope testing.

Why Borescope Testing is Necessary

In many machine applications, observing the various parts can be done with the naked eye. However, in many cases, you simply do not have that option. The area that needs to be observed, such as the inner surfaces of a gas turbine, are inaccessible. In some instances, it is possible to disassemble the machine in order to gain the access you need. But that requires time and you run the risk of damaging something in the process.

With a borescope, however, you can use it to see things that the naked eye cannot. Borescopes can be either flexible or rigid. They are small enough to get into tiny spaces and even around small corners to give you an accurate image of the area you need to see. This, however, takes a considerable amount of skill to perform well. For that reason, many people who need gas turbine inspection or another type of turbine inspection often get a third party to handle the inspection for them. It’s best to leave highly technical operations to professionals who have the experience and skill necessary to get the job done.


Whenever something needs to be inspected, there are always going to be parties interested in the outcome of the inspection. This is true whether someone helped build, maintain, or even just clean the object of the inspection. This removes the possibility of objectivity and introduces the kind of bias that would almost surely skew the results. Borescope testing performed by a third party is, therefore, the wiser choice. If a gas turbine is failing but a lot is riding on its success, someone whose job depends on it should not have anything to do with the inspection. A third party introduces objectivity to the inspection process, keeping it pure and unadulterated by bias.

Save Money and Reduce Risk

Borescope testing by a third party is also a great way to save money when it comes to assessing turbine equipment. If the turbine has to be disassembled, a whole new set of expenses are going to come into the picture. Further, if the disassembly requires the work of someone who is intimately familiar with the machinery and the mechanisms inside, money may have to be spent on hiring that individual as well. On the other hand, having a third party come in who is adept at borescope testing will make the project happen quicker and without the issue of having someone else come in and disassemble what can be a delicate machine.

In the end, there’s a lot riding on the proper functionality of a gas turbine, whether it’s a heavy frame engine or an aeroderivative engine. Testing them properly should be a top priority. The best way to get an assessment that is both accurate and objective is to have a third party perform borescope testing procedures.

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