The Importance of Borescope Inspections

The Importance of Borescope Inspections

Borescope inspection services can prove imperative to the functionality of a power plant. Even if a third party borescope inspection may seem unnecessary at first glance, it’s important to complete a reliable turbine inspection to verify the plant’s effective operation.

Since the United States is one of the top natural gas producers globally, it’s crucial that U.S. power plants stay on top of their necessary inspections. Clearly, the stakes could not be higher for these turbine’s essential productivity. Without proper inspection, even the newest and cleanest turbines can run into unexpected and costly efficiency and productivity issues.

Even if a turbine appears to be in excellent working order, a borescope inspection can cover a wider range of distance with accuracy and detail. Therefore, problems may be prevented before they occur even when the issue is below surface level. Both video and photo capabilities make a borescope inspection one of the best ways to see the equipment’s functionality in real time and in a real scenario.

There are three primary modules in a gas turbine: the compressor module, combustion module, and turbine module. Since these modules leave a lot of room for functionality issues below the surface of the equipment, a borescope inspection can confirm whether they are working effectively in tandem.

A Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (or CCGT) plant is able to reach thermal efficiency around 62% in operation. This is a huge increase from a single cycle steam power plant, which only reaches efficiencies around 35% to 42%. Similar to the multiple modules mentioned previously, though a combined cycle gas turbine can reach optimal efficiency, the more intricate nature of the system can also leave room for unexpected errors that can’t always be seen with the naked eye outside the turbine.

Borescope inspection may mean the difference in saving energy and efficiency at a power plant. Continued turbine support and borescope services are a necessary, regular part of maintenance of power plants. These inspections could save long term problems and necessary repairs from appearing without warning. Borescope inspections can get to the root of a potential issue, saving time and money for the power plant moving forward.

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