8 Benefits of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) of Gas Turbines

8 Benefits of Non-Destructive Examination (NDE) of Gas Turbines

Non-destructive examination (NDE) denotes a method of machine testing and analysis, which allows machine component inspection with minimal disassembly. NDE employs the use of borescopes. Borescopes are handheld inspection tools fitted with a camera on one end and a visual display unit on the monitoring end. A fiber optic cable often connects the two. The tool allows machine part inspectors to see hidden units and compartments within a machine. These handheld units are often ideal for conducting turbine and generator unit inspections.

There are numerous gas turbines in the U.S., which are used to generate electricity for individual or commercial use. America produces and uses a lot of natural gas in power generation. In 2016, the nation extracted approximately 750 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Turbines and generators that run on this gas need regular maintenance and repair to improve their safety and operational efficiency.

Gas turbines work at extreme pressure levels, and they need to be in perfect mechanical shape to operate with high efficiency. Proper regular checks play a significant role in making sure that the safety and functionality of the gas turbine engines are perfect. Non-destructive visual examination is efficient and cost-effective because there is no disassembly needed. This article gives you a brief highlight of the advantages of boroscopic inspection of a gas turbine.

Benefits of using borescopes to inspect gas turbines

Boroscopic inspection of gas turbine doesn’t require the disassembly of turbine components to carry out an investigation. This capability saves you time and money, which you put into disassembly. Borescopes can go into tight spaces and provide you with clear visuals of hidden turbine compartments. The flexibility of the borescope’s transmission cable allows you to reach into great depths within the gas turbine. As such, you can conduct a more thorough gas turbine inspection.

Boroscopic inspection of gas turbine is fast and allows you to have a comprehensive inspection report completed within a short period because you don’t need to disassemble and assemble.

Non-destructive examination of gas turbines keeps a record of the inspection for future references. The borescopes can capture high-resolution pictures, which you can file in the borescope inspection report. You can use these pictures for inspection analyses and future reference.

Modern boroscopic inspection of gas turbine has excellent accuracy, which improves the reliability of the method in turbine examination. Borescopes capture high-quality photographs and videos, which allow turbine inspectors to see even the smallest of defects in turbine components. Higher image resolution resulting from the use of top-notch camera technology enables the inspector to see more details at a great distance. The captured images can also show the measurement of defects such as cracks or fissures. These high-quality borescopes improve the overall detection of flaws.

Increased borescope image and video resolution enhance the accuracy of measurements taken during turbine inspection. Standard HD video borescopes have a resolution that is almost double the resolution held by previous generations of similar boroscopic video units. The new full HD video borescopes offer nearly three times (300%) greater accuracy and details during an inspection and you can even detect hairline cracks with ease.

Modern high definition video borescopes can allow you to see hard to reach areas with low lighting. Full HD video borescopes can now enable you to reach a distance of 105mm, and this will allow you to inspect the turbine components from a great distance. The many pixels available in modern borescopes also will enable you to zoom without causing image distortion. This feature also implies that the filed borescope inspection reports are now of better quality. The images are of high quality because you can save them pixilation or compression.

Boroscopic inspection of gas turbine has also incorporated robotic systems that can now allow Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of the hard-to-reach areas of your gas turbine. The RVI system improves gas turbine inspection flexibility, while also improving your safety as an inspector.

Improve your gas turbine efficiency by seeking for borescope inspection services from professional turbine inspectors, who have the latest borescope technology.

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