The Benefits of Borescope Inspections for Turbines

The Benefits of Borescope Inspections for Turbines

A borescope is a vital device used in the visual inspection of gas turbines, aircraft engines, steam turbines, automotive and truck engines, diesel engines, and truck engines. Of all these machines, gas and steam turbines are given much attention because of the safety and requirements provided by authorities. Also, these two turbines run at extremely high pressures, and thus they need to be kept in excellent mechanical shape.

Turbine inspection is a subject that many manufacturers love discussing. For example, steam turbines have been used since the 1880s for electricity production. Therefore, these production companies have always ordered borescope services for their machines. Gas turbine inspection is also on the rise as many industries are using gas.

Therefore, it is important to know the importance of borescope inspection for turbines. This guide gives you benefits that will make you consider getting an inspection for your machines.

Avoid Potential Future Damages

Machines, especially those used in the production of energy, are so critical that even small damage can cause a significant problem. Turbine inspection helps professionals to discover any problems such as tightening bolts and then correct the issues to avoid major problems. Borescope inspection has helped prevent many issues at companies that would have otherwise caused enormous losses.

Remove Debris and Tiny Particles

Debris and tiny particles can cause severe damages to machines. Salt is one of the debris that can lead to machine shut down. When salt attaches itself to the turbine’s blade, the particles attract debris and dirt. This reduces the power output of a turbine by about 15%. Borescope services include finding any foreign particle on machines. Borescopes are excellent devices that identify tiny particles in a gas turbine.

Downtime Prevention

The productivity of an industry can be affected if a machine is out of service for more than two days. Turbine inspection helps discover problems in the early stages, and the company will provide solutions. This will ensure that no breaking of the machine is encountered. Therefore, all industries that have gas turbines and any other type of complex machine should consider getting borescope inspection services.

Time Sensitive Assessment

With the advancement of technology, borescope inspection uses high-quality cameras that locate debris at any part of the machine. This means that part removal steps are not necessary. You don’t need to have workers dismantle a turbine that it may be cleaned.

Your industry should take advantage of video borescopes, as they use a light source to illuminate the area under inspection. Thus, cleaning will be conducted in the right places within a short time, and no spot will go unattended.

Management Is Condition Based

Other inspection procedures are not as specific as borescope is; therefore, these devices offer condition-based management. If corrosion is the problem, the device will not go further, inspecting tiny particles.

Therefore, you get to control the machine to inspect the particular condition that you want to check. This makes work easier, and it also saves on time.

Visualize Hard To Reach Places

Since borescope inspection uses cameras to record video in the machines, visualization of hard to reach places is possible. The camera goes through the machine, and the management will start planning on providing a solution to the problem that they have recognized. The images transmitted to the eyepiece are of high quality.

Increasing the Life Span of Machines

Machines life spans usually reduce due to many repairs. Therefore, avoiding breakage minimizes the number of repairs, which will, in turn, increase the machine’s life spans. Nothing is stressing as buying new machines every year. Turbine inspection helps prevent this problem, as machines will have more extended longevity due to proper maintenance.

Borescope inspection of gas turbine has helped many industries avoid hitches, which usually affect the productivity of companies. Almost all practices depend on energy, and energy production depends on turbine functionality; therefore, a problem experienced in the production stage is felt by many people. This guide helps you understand the importance of turbine inspection using the borescope device.

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