The Importance of Borescope Use During Gas Turbine Inspection

The Importance of Borescope Use During Gas Turbine Inspection

Gas turbines are powerful and essential machines in the energy sector. They help to handle natural gas which is one of the most crucial energy sources. In fact, natural gas is the second most heavily consumed energy source in the United States.

A fault in the gas turbine can put a whole energy plant in crisis. Therefore, the turbines require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure they are operating optimally and efficiently. However, these machines operate at very high temperatures — as much as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes gas turbine inspection an onerous task more than any other in the manufacturing and industrial process. Moreover, these high temperatures threaten the safety of everyone in the area.

Therefore, it’s imperative to use a safe method to inspect the gas turbines. This is where borescope inspection of gas turbines comes in handy. It safeguards the workers’ safety and makes the inspection process a breeze.

What is a Borescope Inspection?

Essentially, a borescope is an optical tool that helps to view parts of a machine that are virtually impossible to see. It consists of an objective lens and eyepiece, which are connected using an optical relay system. The eyepiece portrays a magnified image to the viewer. The device does not only make it possible to see innermost parts but also inspect machines such as turbines without damaging them in any way. These devices also save on inspection time.

Borescope inspection involves the use of a borescope camera that provides a visual inspection of components where the human hand cannot reach. Typically, a borescope is designed with a lighting system, fiber optic image guide, rod lens, CMOS camera, relay lens, and eyepiece. These devices come with flexible and rigid length options. The eyepiece is used to view the projected image.

When borescope devices get inside the rotor of a turbine, they search and identify abnormalities. They can even adjust these abnormalities. A faulty gas turbine can result in production, financial, and energy issues. Without proper turbine inspection, you will have an ineffective and inefficient unit, which can lead to costly problems.

Gas turbine failure can lead to a power outage in industries and homes. This is why you need a high-quality borescope for gas turbine inspection. A small issue in the turbine interior can be dangerous to you and your employees.

Besides gas turbines, borescope is also used to inspect the combustion engine, gearboxes, and heat exchangers. Moreover, they are used to retrieve foreign objects and view piping in difficult to reach places. Unlike other methods of inspecting turbines, borescope boast of the advantages below.

High-Quality Images

Borescope identifies even the most diminutive imperfections in gas turbines. While a flexible model will get the job done, you will want to use a rigid borescope if you need the finest image quality.

Distance Coverage

Borescope inspections help to reach far places that are not easy to reach. The better part is that they reach distant areas and depths while offering great details and accuracy.

Ease of Use

A borescope is user-friendly thanks to its straight forward design. Both the flexible and rigid types offer easy manipulation compared to other inspection methods.

Energy Plant Maintenance

Inspecting a gas turbine using a borescope can help to determine whether there are any cases of overheating or turbine misuse. Remember, repairing a turbine is much cheaper than buying a new one. To check any issue and prevent future problems, conduct borescope inspection on cold and hot sections of the turbines.

Borescope Inspection Reporting

This report tells you everything you need to know about the turbine. It shows cracks and images of rotors. Therefore, you’ll know what you need to fix or modify. Borescope provides high-quality images to determine if there are issues in your gas turbine fast.

When using a borescope, you can conduct safety inspection without the need for dismantling the turbine. This means that you can reach even the hard to reach areas and locate foreign objects. When you find the problem beforehand, you know what to expect even before disassembling the turbines.

Using borescope inspection means that you will avoid unnecessary maintenance costs and repair. As stated earlier, you need to ensure the gas turbine is in good shape all the time to avoid problems. Borescopes monitor small changes by recording inspections for future reference.

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