How Borescope Turbine Inspections Save Time and Money

How Borescope Turbine Inspections Save Time and Money

Gas turbine inspections are important for maintaining safe operating conditions and turbine integrity. However, to ensure a thorough inspection and see otherwise inaccessible areas, a borescope inspection is needed.


Borescope turbine inspections can help ensure that interior areas are free of damage. If these areas with damage go undetected until problems arise, this can spell disaster. Turbine inspections like this can be especially helpful in places with a higher concentration of salt particles, as these can attach to blades and attract other particles like dirt. If left unchecked, these particles can accumulate and decrease a turbines power output by nearly 15%. Borescope services can be used to monitor this build-up and alert staff when something needs to be done.


Borescope turbine inspections work by inserting a long thin flexible rod into the turbine itself. Inside this rod is a telescopic camera that can provide HD images of internal components. This information is relayed back to a monitor so that inspectors can see exactly where the borescope is and what it is picking up. This video footage can also be recorded and saved for later analysis which can then be used to compare conditions between inspections. For instance, you can more readily see how much salt and dirt has built up on blades between inspection one and inspection two. This can give operators a better idea of when they should be scheduling maintenance to remove the build-up.


One of the best things about borescope turbine inspections is that they require no prior disassembly before being completed. This prevents long shut down periods in the event no disassembly is needed for repairs or maintenance. Borescopes can also be used for checking the condition of internal engine parts, domes, and tube bundles. In addition, they can also be used during technical audits, to note the state of components before purchases and contractor assessments.


Above all, the largest benefits that borescope inspections can offer is the ability to see otherwise unobservable components without the need for extensive dismantling and the ability to save recorded footage for later analysis and comparison. Borescope inspections can save time and money without sacrificing safety or putting turbines at risk.


If you’re in need of turbine inspection services, consider the benefits of borescope inspections and reach out to a provider today and talk about your options.

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