Why Your Business Needs Borescope Inspection Services

Why Your Business Needs Borescope Inspection Services

Taking good care of your generators should be one of the most important tasks for your business because these machines provide the power needed to support your operations. Regular maintenance of generators entails a lot of things, and therefore, it is important to ensure that you are doing a thorough job. Sometimes, you may be focusing on one problem when there are many others that are yet to be noticed. Because of that, you need to know the best way to carry out generator inspections.

In the United States, natural gas is one of the most consumed energy sources. It is an indication that as you focus on the maintenance of your generators, you should also be thinking about gas turbines and similar machines. In addition to that, using the right inspection tools will yield better results. Here are reasons to use a borescope.

Get High-Resolution Pictures

During generator inspections, borescopes are used to capture images of various internal parts with the aim of identifying faults. Once the images are out, the technicians will be analyzing them to come up with the best way to correct those faults. Because of that, it is good to come up with high-resolution pictures such as the ones that a borescope produces.

The biggest advantage of getting high-resolution pictures during borescope inspection is that they provide a more accurate presentation of the problem. Because of that, they will come up with the best solution, and that means that your generators will be more functional. In addition to that, it gives you the assurance that you can continue relying on the machines, especially when the operations of your business depend on them. It also makes the technicians take a shorter time during the inspections than when they would have used other methods.

Coverage of Difficult-To-Reach Locations

Anyone who has been involved in generator inspections can tell you that there are some parts that you cannot access using ordinary methods. These parts are so hidden that when there is a fault, you will not even know what it is. However, with a borescope, you are sure to get pictures of these parts, and so, it will be easier to detect problems.

Also, some of these areas that are difficult to reach have delicate parts. It means that when you try opening them to see the damages, you can end up damaging them. It will cost you even more money to repair the machines, and so, it is important to be careful with the methods you use. Boroscopic inspection of gas turbines has always proved to be an effective option when it comes to such tasks.

Retrieval of Foreign Objects

The entry of foreign objects into your generators is one of the leading causes of problems. These objects might have entered through the fuel channel when filters are faulty or sucked in by air. During generator inspections, these are the items that you will be looking for. Instead of using tedious methods that do not even guarantee good results, you can use a borescope to take images and identify the location of these objects.

When you have the pictures, you will know the best way to retrieve these objects. Remember that they could lead to more damages if they get into contact with some parts, and that is the reason you have to be sure of their location. When it comes to parts retrieval for replacement or repair, this method can also be effective because it shows the parts that should be retrieved for more accurate services.

Using boroscopic methods for generator inspections is a reliable way of identifying faults as we can see from the information above. In addition to that, they determine how fast you can complete the job. If you want the best results, look for generator inspection services from a reliable contractor. Getting an assurance that they will do a good job will save you from lots of problems. Contact a nearby one today and have your generators inspected thoroughly.

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