When Do You Need to Hire Steam Turbine Testing Services?

When Do You Need to Hire Steam Turbine Testing Services?

If you think about it, steam turbines are particularly invaluable in your power station. Steam turbines produce the maximum amount of thermal energy from the least amount of steam, to keep your power plant operations running at peak capacity. Therefore, you should maintain your steam turbine by seeking steam turbine testing services from time to time.

When Do You Need to Hire Steam Turbine Testing Services?

When your steam turbines are working optimally, your plant operations will run smoothly and achieve maximum output. However, the turbines may have internal issues that you cannot spot immediately, but maybe catastrophic in the future. That’s why you need a steam turbine inspection. The following issues should prompt you to call a qualified steam turbine inspector.

Poorly Done Installations

Steam turbines are large and complex machinery that require expert installation. However, even the most seasoned installers may miss something. When your steam turbine is operational for some time and you notice something is amiss, it’s wise to seek borescope inspection services. Steam turbine inspectors utilize borescope technology for on-site steam turbine inspections. Therefore, a routine steam turbine inspection will help you detect installation flaws that can be problematic with time. Some of these installation flaws are technical and they need a steam turbine repair expert.

Malfunctioning Blades

The spinning component of your steam turbine is called the steam turbine rotor. It is composed of wheels and blades that are attached to it. The blades are responsible for extracting energy from the steam. If the blades are broken or begin to disintegrate, your power output will be heavily affected. There’s no telling what would happen to the whole system if one of the blades falls off. Catastrophic accidents are bound to happen. Regular steam turbine testing ensures that your turbine inspector will spot the faulty blades in time. You can initiate steam turbine repairs to replace the broken blades.

Uncommon Sounds

Your power plant engineers who work around the steam turbines every day can tell when there’re unfamiliar sounds from the turbines. Usually, the steam turbines in power plants produce loud uniform sounds. However, when the sounds are out of the ordinary, you should get steam turbine testing inspectors to check it out. This is possible through open casing inspections, where steam turbine inspectors open up the turbines and get to the bottom of the strange noises. It may be due to worn out bearings or broken blades that have fallen off.

Reduced Power Output

Your steam turbines may be operating without any issues, but still, fail to produce energy as expected. The power output levels may suddenly fall below the expected threshold. When this happens, it’s usually because of a malfunctioning steam system that produces low-quality steam. You want to perform turbine inspection early enough before you incur further losses due to low energy production.

Weak Turbine Support

Steam turbines utilize heavy piping that needs to be strongly supported to hold them in place. If the piping collapses because of weak support, unprecedented damage may happen. Not only will you have to pay top dollar for steam turbine repairs, but you’ll also experience unplanned downtime. This will lead to heavy financial losses as you wait for the repairs to be made. You can, however, prevent this by seeking steam turbine testing services. Compared to gas turbines that utilize natural gas that is the most consumed energy source in North America, steam turbines may need more turbine support and routine turbine inspection.

You are better off seeking steam turbine testing services to ensure that your power plant runs at maximum capacity. A good steam turbine inspector will save you both time and money, by ensuring that your steam turbine runs flawlessly. Therefore, you can avoid surprise steam turbine repairs that are no good for your business. Steam turbine testing keeps your power plant in pristine condition by detecting and preventing turbine problems early enough.

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