5 Advantages of Borescope Inspection Services

5 Advantages of Borescope Inspection Services

Steam turbine inspections and gas turbine inspections can be challenging and problematic, particularly if you have to dismantle a turbine. However, don’t fret because you can rely on borescope inspection services to detect any flaws in your turbine and give it a clean bill of health. Today, power generation providers rely on borescope inspections to keep their turbines running at peak capacity. Here are the advantages of borescope inspection services.

1. In-Situ Non-Destructive Services

There is no need for turbine inspectors to disassemble the turbines, as the borescope does all the work for them. This is possible because the borescope has a flexible tube with a high-resolution camera attached at the end. Therefore, during turbine inspections, the borescope is inserted in the turbines, and the inspectors direct it to scan the interior of the turbine. No bolts or nuts will be loosened to take off some parts, neither will the turbine have to be moved to a separate location. This eliminates complications that may occur if the turbine has to be dismantled or transported to a different location every time you need an inspection.

2. Thorough Inspections

The turbine inspector can direct the borescope to reach the deepest interior parts in the turbine. And because the borescope uses high-resolution cameras, the inspector will have a clear view of all the inside parts, including the turbine blades. From the photographs of the turbine’s interior, any malfunctioning parts will be clear. This technology is especially helpful in spotting a cracked or worn-out blade. Turbine blades are crucial parts because they generate power from the steam as they spin. Extensive borescope inspections will reveal hidden dirt and other foreign particles that usually accumulate once salt particles attach themselves to turbine blades. When salt particles infest the turbine, they can decrease the turbine’s power output by up to 15%.

3. Borescope Inspection Report Serves as Future Reference

All through a turbine’s lifetime, you will conduct multiple inspections that will provide crucial data regarding the conditions of the turbine. Before every inspection, a borescope inspection report will provide the much-needed guidance to a turbine inspector. This will enable the inspection to be more precise and effective, as the turbine inspector is already briefed on the latest condition of the turbine. Inspection reports come in handy because they help you plan for the next turbine inspections and anticipate the downtime. Additionally, if you needed to sell one of your turbines, an inspection report would go a long way in proving the authenticity of your turbines.

4. Saves You Time and Helps You Plan for Future Inspections

In a power production plant, even brief downtimes may cause you major losses given that most of your customers need consistent power supply around the clock. After the first turbine inspection, you’ll know when the next inspection is due and plan accordingly. Borescope inspections also take less time to complete, meaning that you’ll not have extended downtimes in your production plant. Because borescope inspections are non-destructive, less labor and fewer resources are needed. This makes turbine inspections more affordable, thereby saving you money without compromising on the quality of the inspection.

5. Helps You Avoid Catastrophic Accidents

If your turbines are not well-inspected over a long time, some parts may be damaged due to erosion. Given the massive turning speed of turbine blades, it’s easy for any of them to crack or malfunction. When your turbine comes to an abrupt stop because of an acute malfunction, it could put the lives of your employees in danger. Scheduled turbine inspections will help you avoid any chances of a catastrophic accident in your power plant because the turbine inspectors will spot any flaws and initiate repairs before a serious accident happens.

To get quality borescope inspection services for your turbine, you should trust the inspection specialists from a reputable company. Given the technicality of using the borescope, the more experienced inspectors are more likely to get better results during turbine inspections. You should have regular borescope inspections to keep your power plant performing optimally.

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