The Importance of Borescope Services and Inspections

The Importance of Borescope Services and Inspections

The word “scope ” is often defined as “scan” or “assess” when it is used as a verb. With that in mind, an instrument known as a “scope” has been developed to serve many functions in several different fields, such as medicine and industrial applications. Two of the most common scopes in use today are endoscopes, in medicine, and borescopes, in industry. Here’s a look at the industrial borescope and some of the way borescope services are utilized today.

What Is A Borescope?

Basically, a camera mounted on the end of a flexible tube creates a borescope/endoscope. This is a specialty instrument that is used to examine spaces and areas that are not visible to the naked eye. The purpose of using borescope services is to determine the structural integrity of the area being examined. For instance, borescopes were used early on to examine gun barrels. Today, they are used in plumbing, aviation, electronics, automotives, and other areas to conduct inspections on tubular areas, such as turbines, that are not easily accessible. There are three types of borescopes: flexible, semi-rigid, and rigid.

What Are Borescope Inspection Services?

Borescope inspection services are processes that are implemented to make an assessment of machinery or parts and to analyze their structural integrity. For example, it is critical to make sure that the surface finish and all parts of a piece of machinery are smooth and unbroken. A borescope inspection of a turbine, for instance, would seek to identify cracks, holes, or other imperfections in the interior of a turbine. A gas turbine, for instance, has three primary modules. These are the turbine module, the combustion module, and the compressor module. Inspection is a critical step in maintaining the safe operation of machinery, as well as ensuring the safety of individuals who come in contact with the machinery.

Why Are Borescope Services and Inspections Important?

It is important to conduct borescope inspections on a regular basis for several reasons. One reason that comes immediately to mind is that keeping large engines and turbines in the proper operating condition will help avoid expensive, time-consuming, and unnecessary maintenance and repairs. Another reason to consider is that proper inspection services of borescope engines and turbines will ensure the reliability and efficiency of the operation of the engine’s equipment. The most important reasons of all, however, is safety. First and foremost, it is essential to conduct inspections with borescope equipment because the inspection is a reliable method of making sure that the machinery is operating as safely as possible.

As reviewed above, scopes are used today in many different settings for many different purposes. Borescopes serve a unique and critical function. A borescope inspection will assess the integrity of the machine in various conditions, such as in extremes of heat and cold. At the end of the inspection, a report will be generated. The borescope report is a detailed analysis and assessment of the condition of the engine or turbine being checked. This will be a reference for future inspections and a good record of the performance and life expectancy of the piece being inspected.

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