Gas Turbine Inspection Fundamentals

Gas Turbine Inspection Fundamentals

In 2016, the U.S. was the largest producer of natural gas worldwide, with extractions of approximately 750 billion cubic meters of natural gas. Given such, the need for quality gas turbine inspection techniques is crucial. Let’s examine a quality gas turbine inspection and the repair techniques utilized.

Importance of Maintenance Of Gas Turbines

One of the most vital factors behind maintaining fleet-wide dependability and consistency for equipment such as gas turbines, is creating and executing a system of turbine maintenance. Part of that plan should include a regular gas turbine inspection system. Gas turbine maintenance focus areas, as well as their auxiliary components, can be divided into categories.

The Categories of Maintenance of Gas Turbines

The first category of maintenance behind a gas turbine inspection is PM or preventive maintenance. This form of maintenance for gas turbines encompasses a deliberate, reliability-centered maintenance program ensuring sustainability and function. Preventive maintenance also helps to identify failure modes. PM further helps to implement risk mitigation steps that are in part due to proactive inspections and replacements.

The second citatory of maintenance is that of DM or deficit maintenance. Deficit maintenance encompasses parts removal, generator inspections, and more. The gas turbine inspection program helps to address any repairs that are needed as well as label and address any deficiencies of the turbine. DM is also a failure and reactive-based system that is implemented. The third category of maintenance is that of CM or corrective maintenance. This form of maintenance is a reactive-based approach that identifies and remedies component failures in comparison with component damage. Many times, this leads to a forced outage – resulting in needed repairs and updates.

Maintenance Gas Turbine Inspections

With a comprehensive and complete scope of inspection evaluations, assessments, tests, and diagnostics, there is an opportunity for extensive and collaborative information-driven analysis of all gas turbine equipment. The function and performance of an entity’s turbomachinery have a direct impact on that company’s bottom line. The business must be aware and accountable for the health parameters surrounding equipment. With a quality gas turbine inspection, any under-performing parts or components can be quickly identified and remedied.

Inspection of the Hot Combustion Section

One vital controlling factor that helps to determine the service life of a gas turbine engine is the condition of the hot combustion section. This comprises of the evaluation and cleaning of the hot combustion section—which contains the combustion’s end caps, fuel nozzle assemblies, combustion liners & cans, transition pieces, and crossfire tubes. As an example, the external combustion casing is important to overall function. Therefore, it should be evaluated for any evidence of hotspots, distortions, or exhaust leaks – before the casing is dismantled. Upon opening the casing, the gas turbine inspection should include a thorough and complete inspection of any possible erosion, localized overheating, cracks, or excessive wear.

Understanding The Borescope Inspection

The borescope inspection provides a method of visually evaluating the most inner workings of the gas turbine. These innermost components include the rotor, gas path, and impeller blades. Borescopes can have both flexible as well as rigid cable options, an optical system, a lightening system, and a digital screen — for complete viewing of the inspection pathway. They can also vary in length with some being a reported 30 feet long. Thanks to the length, a proper gas turbine inspection can take place, helping to produce a thorough and detailed borescope inspection report. The utilization of an articulating and flexible video borescope for required inspections helps to eliminate any resource impact.

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