Using An Articulating Borescope for a Wind Turbine Inspection

Using An Articulating Borescope for a Wind Turbine Inspection

Wind turbines are components that continue to grow as part of the movement toward more eco-friendly power and energy options. They are able to harness the power of winds while helping to produce energy that’s cleaner and more cost-effective than coal and oil.

They also have a long life span. With an array of equipment utilized during the turbine inspection process, wind turbines must be evaluated from time to time ensuring correct and proper operation. These periodic evaluations ensure that the wind turbines are working efficiently and effectively at all times. Let’s examine the inspection process utilizing an articulating borescope for wind turbine inspection services.

Borescope services & The Wind Turbine Inspection

Wind turbine inspections are necessary to make sure that the equipment is able to meet life expectancy and perform optimally. The usage of an articulating borescope helps to make the wind inspection job a lot safer and thorough for the turbine operator.

An articulating borescope is a device that’s crafted with an insertion tube for usage with a videoscope. The articulating borescope generally has steel wires that are inside and offer 4-way direction control. The borescope is generally inserted into the turbine so that it doesn’t have to be taken apart for inspection.

Going Inside the Wind Turbine

Inside of the wind turbine, there is energy created by the wind turning the propeller blades that are located around a rotor. The turbine’s rotor is connected to a shaft which spins a generator that produces electricity. Two different kinds of wind turbines are utilized today. The first one is a vertical-axis kind of wind turbine and the second is a horizontal-axis wind turbine. With their designs, wind turbines work best near water. The turbine inspection is a comprehensive evaluation of the turbine that allows the inspector to see first-hand how productive the turbine is.

How Does The Turbine Inspection Specialist Use The Articulating Borescope?

For longevity and optimum use of the articulating borescope, turbine inspection experts will have extensive experience using the tool. They will first ensure that the battery is charged before they begin their wind turbine inspection. Many borescope tools need a charge of about three hours to be fully powered for operation and use. Another aspect of effective utilization of a borescope while inspecting turbines is fully extending the articulating borescope. A coiled or condensed one can result in poor articulation and can even potentially do damage to the wind turbine.

An experienced wind turbine inspection professional will then insert and articulate the borescope carefully and methodically. Careful insertion allows the inspector to see what damage there may be inside the component. As mentioned earlier, many wind turbines operate successfully near water. Therefore, a turbine inspection specialist may need to check for salt particles in the wind turbine. Data reveals that salt can damage a turbine. Once the particles to the blades of the turbine, they will then attract other particles such as dirt. Because of the attachment of the salt, the turbine’s power output can be decreased by as much as 15%.

Another aspect of an ideal articulating borescope for a wind turbine inspection is the articulating borescope being waterproof. Turbine inspection experts know not to insert an articulating borescope into water unless that borescope is waterproof. A turbine inspection professional also knows to operate the articulating borescope at a safe operating temperature.

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