3 Ways Your Power Plant Will Benefit From Borescope Inspection of Gas Turbines

3 Ways Your Power Plant Will Benefit From Borescope Inspection of Gas Turbines

The compressor, combustion, and turbine are the three primary modules of a gas turbine. Industrial gas turbines, like the ones used in power plants, operate at high pressure and temperature. Over time, these conditions may cause wear and tear to parts of your gas turbines such as the rotors, blades, seals, and bearings. Without borescope inspection of the gas turbines, your technicians would have to disassemble your gas turbines to locate, fix, and monitor every problem.

However, borescope inspection provides a fast and non-invasive way of inspecting your gas turbines to detect and fix any defects quickly and keep your turbines in tip-top condition.

Here is how your power plant will benefit from borescope inspection of gas turbines.

1. Borescope Inspections Helps Detect Small Flaws in Turbine Blades That Would Be Catastrophic Down the Line

Gas turbines operate under a strenuous environment that involves extremely high pressure and temperature and multiple units rotate at top speeds, causing high vibrations. Turbine blades are at the heart of turbine operations, as they are responsible for extracting energy for the high-pressure gas generated by the combustor. Because of these tough conditions, the turbine blades are more likely to crack or chip.

When one blade cracks and is not detected in good time, it will completely disintegrate and fall off. This will lead to turbine failure and halt the operations of your power plant. This is what borescope inspection services help you avoid. Turbine inspectors use high-quality borescopes to detect any flaws in the turbine blades. This helps you to schedule for repair early enough before the damaged blades cause further damage to your gas turbines.

2. Borescope Inspections Reduce Your Downtime

Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) of turbines means that the inspectors will not require disassembly of your gas turbines during the inspection. Instead, a borescope is inserted into the turbine and scans all the internal turbine parts. As such, technicians can perform an extensive and complete turbine inspection within a few hours and issue a comprehensive borescope inspection report. Additionally, turbine inspection is conducted on-site, and this saves time that would be used up in transporting the gas turbines to a different location for inspection.

Another benefit of timely borescope inspections is that they help you prepare and plan for repair and maintenance. This enables you to schedule turbine repair services on the day that will cause minimum operational downtimes. If you don’t conduct regular gas turbine inspections, you will miss some important repairs that may cause complete turbine failure later on. This will not only cost you more in repairs, but it will also affect your workflow and cause you unprecedented losses.

3. Borescope Inspections Will Extend the Service-Life of Your Gas Turbines

Regular borescope inspections mean that you will detect any malfunctioning parts early enough before they become worse. After an extensive turbine inspection, you will know the state of your gas turbines. This will allow you to run your operations in a way that complements the overall health of your gas turbines.

Additionally, borescope inspections allow technicians to remove dirt and debris that is often caught up in the turbines. This dirt and debris speed up the wear and tear of turbine parts besides reducing the power output of the overall unit. Salt is common debris that can lead to turbine breakdown if not cleaned in good time. This is because the salt particles attract more debris and dirt into the gas turbine. Ultimately, when excess dirt accumulates in the internal parts of the gas turbine, the turbine’s efficiency is reduced substantially.

Borescope inspections ensure that your gas turbines run optimally. When all of your gas turbines are in peak performance, your power plant will generate maximum energy and ensure that your operations run smoothly. Borescope inspection of gas turbines helps you avoid surprise turbine repairs. Borescope inspections are affordable, take less time, and provide an accurate report on the status of your gas turbines.

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