How a Turbine Inspection Camera Could Benefit You

How a Turbine Inspection Camera Could Benefit You

Gas and steam turbines are precious devices that can be used to run a number of high output facilities. If you’re the facility manager, owner, or simply the operator of these turbines, you know how important it is that they run well and as expected. To do otherwise is to put your business and countless people at risk in numerous ways. In the old days, before borescope inspection and cameras, humans had to inspect these turbines and do the best they could. Luckily, we are in the modern technological age where that is no longer necessary.

By using a company such as Advanced Turbine Support to perform your borescope inspections, you’ll be making a smart choice to know all the pertinent information around your turbines without incurring unnecessary risk. Review the smart choices below and erase legal liability at lower costs while getting better information overall, so that you can have a win-win when it comes to knowing the status of your turbines.

Erase Legal Liability

Depending on the area in which your turbine is located, you may have legal restrictions on how it can run, how often it needs to be inspected, and what parts need to be repaired on a certain schedule. But if you don’t do a proper borescope inspection for your turbines, how will you know any of this information? By committing to using a camera and a competent contractor to know the ins and outs of your current turbines, you’ll erase any legal liability that you may have from your mind. If anyone comes knocking and demands to know the capabilities and maintenance records for your turbines, you’ll be all smiles with providing them the necessary information. After all, it’s always better to be ahead on work than behind.

Lower Cost Than Sending in a Human (Less Dangerous Too)

Perhaps one of the best things about a regular borescope inspection of your turbines with a camera is that it’s much lower cost than sending a human in to inspect it. For starters, there are many places around and inside your turbine that you’ll want to inspect that a human can’t fit. Second, any human that can fit into those spaces is going to want to be compensated for their specialized work. But finally, do you really want the moral weight on your head of sending in someone to inspect your turbines, only to have something bad happen and they get hurt? When a camera goes missing or gets damaged, you are financially out of pocket. When someone gets hurt working for you or on your behalf, you are potentially in a legal liability situation and moral crossroads.

Find Hidden Dangers

When you’re talking about inspecting and keeping up something as important as a gas or steam powered turbines, you want to be able to see everything that could potentially affect you. Little things like magnetic particles or salt can be extremely damaging to every type of turbine and only after a thorough borescope inspection can you accurately gauge the damage. In fact, salt particles can be extremely damaging to a turbine. Once salt particles attach themselves to turbine blades, they attract other particles, like dirt. This can decrease the turbine‚Äôs power output by up to 15% and cause you a whole lot of headaches afterward. Instead of being reactive to problems, be proactive in finding them.

A Little Camera That Does A Lot

A borescope inspection may not seem like a big deal, but it can provide results that a simple human inspection cannot. Especially when you’re dealing with large turbines that are underground or hidden away, the simple act of being able to have a view into the nooks and crannies of a turbine can potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs down the road. With a competent contractor who is well trained in the processes of a borescope inspection, you won’t get any surprises jumping out at you when you try to figure out if your turbines have anything wrong with them. When you pay for peace of mind, you expect results, and that’s exactly what you get when you go with Advanced Turbine Support for all your borescope inspection needs.

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