Questions to Ask When Considering Steam Turbine Testing

Questions to Ask When Considering Steam Turbine Testing

Steam turbines have been used since the 1880s for electricity production. Today, they are still quite popular. They have stood the test of time for several reasons: They can produce an incredible amount of power, they are relatively easy to install, and they produce power with fewer moving parts than piston engines. Above all, they are super-efficient compared to other forms of electricity generators.

Nonetheless, steam turbines are not flawless. Without regular steam turbine testing services, they are prone to breakdown. Breakdowns and disruptions can prove costly when they happen. What’s more, replacing broken-down turbines can cost a fortune compared to getting a steam turbine inspection.

In need of steam turbine testing services? Here are some questions that may influence the decision to get turbine services.

Are the Turbines Producing Strange Sounds?

Turbines produce sound when they move. These sounds are perfectly normal. However, if the turbines start producing odd sounds, such as noisy vibrations, it may be an indicator that they need servicing.

Often strange sounds may be due to issues such as faulty bearings and inadequate lubrication. Routine steam turbine testing can help to eliminate strange sounds and improve turbine efficiency.

Were the Turbines Properly Installed?

Turbine installation is a delicate process that needs to be done by experts. When turbines are improperly installed, they are likely to malfunction. Turbine inspection can ensure parts that are not installed correctly are properly installed. Additionally, during inspections, the turbine engineer can retrieve parts that are missing.

Is the Power Output Sufficient?

The efficacy of steam turbines depends on the turbine power output. Low turbine output may result in inadequate production of steam needed to produce power for your factory. To rectify this issue, steam turbine testing services are essential. Steam turbine inspection can help to detect power output anomalies, improve turbine efficiency and prevent erosion of mechanical components.

Are There Broken Parts?

Steam turbines do a lot of strenuous work. As a result, they are prone to wear and tear. Blades are especially susceptible to breakdown because they constantly rotate. When blades break, they must be replaced. Steam turbine inspection can help to pinpoint the root cause behind the broken blades and prevent future breakdowns.

Are Supporting Systems Stable?

Steam turbines do not work in isolation. For turbines to work effectively, support systems such as valves and pumps need to also be in tip-top condition. Steam turbine testing services can be used to check for issues such as loose valves that can affect power production. Additionally, during turbine inspection, pipes can be checked for stability. Weak pipes can pose a safety hazard because they are at risk of collapsing. During turbine inspection, unstable pipes can be made firm to prevent fatal accidents from happening.


Steam turbine testing services are essential to prolonging the lifespan of steam turbines. Turbine services can also help you to keep your factory running smoothly for several years. And above all, steam turbine inspection can help stop downtime and prevent you from losing large sums of money.

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