5 Factors to Consider When Picking Generator Inspection Services

5 Factors to Consider When Picking Generator Inspection Services

Generators in power plants play a critical role in the conversion of mechanical energy from turbines to electricity. Plant managers need to organize for a proactive assessment approach that best protects their assets. The best bet would be organizing frequent generator inspections.

Adhering to strict maintenance and generator inspection schedules can keep your power plant running efficiently. It also provides for a safe and productive workspace for your plant operators. But how do you find the right generator inspection services?

Here are five questions to ask when choosing generator testing companies.

1. Does the Firm Have Relevant Experience in Servicing Your Generator Model?

A generator inspection is an intricate process that demands the best professionals in the field. You may need to verify the company’s experience in inspecting and servicing your generator’s model type. The firm ought to provide continuous training to their inspectors and technicians to ensure that they remain abreast of the evolving technology. Inquire about the period that the firm has been in operation.

2. What’s Their Approach to Generator Inspections?

You may need to question their approach to inspections, parts removal, and replacement. Advancements in technology have made generator inspection and testing faster and more effective. You do not have to wait for the mechanical disassembly of your equipment to point out potential issues. Modern techniques such as Non-Destructive Evaluations through robotic devices can allow you to carry out a long-term assessment of your equipment without impacting your workflow. The technology and methodologies used may have a significant impact on the quality of test results produced.

3. What’s the Company’s Inspection Scope?

It’s important to understand the generator inspection points and service limits provided by the testing company. Request to see a checklist for the various inspection markers that the company utilizes. Which industry standards does the firm adhere to? The inspection scope may also affect the report generated. Inquire on how and when you will get the test and inspection report for you to take on the necessary corrective measures. The scope of their services may indicate if the firm is the right partner for the job.

4. What ‘s Their Fee Structure?

Most plant managers and administrators look for ways to cut costs in the generation of electricity. A generator inspection can become costly, especially when the inspectors are not upfront about their service charge—request for detailed quotations from several inspection companies. Compare the different bids and pick the vendor that provides the best value for your money.

5. Can You Get References to Existing and Past Clients?

A better and easier way to analyze the quality of service from a specific provider is to check what past clients say about them. Reputable generator inspection companies will not have an issue providing you with references to existing or past clientele. Follow up on the references provided, inquiring about the work ethic of the inspectors. Reading online reviews may also give you a sense of what to expect when you sign up for their inspection services.

Generator inspection services are key to increasing the lifespan of your powerplant equipment. Answering the five questions above can set you on a path to finding the right partner for the job. To learn more about our generator inspection services, contact Advanced Turbine support.

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