How Do Gas Turbines Work?

How Do Gas Turbines Work?

Have you ever wondered how a gas turbine works? Most people understand that gas turbines require fuel but do not understand the basic working parts of the turbine. Understanding how a gas turbine works can help shed some light on why regular inspections are imperative to the safety and function of your turbine.

The Basic Components

There are three primary components in a gas turbine: the compression chamber, the combustion chamber, and the turbine chamber. Each chamber has a module that regulates activation. There is a combustion module, a turbine module, and a compressor module. All three of these components work together to create energy.

Gas turbines get their power from fuel. The gas is burned, and the combustion gas drives the turbine. The principle is the same with a steam turbine, except water is used instead of fuel to create the energy needed to power the turbine.

Generating Power

The compressor mixes air and fuel at precise levels to ensure an even and safe burn. Very high heat is used in the combustion chamber to burn the fuel. The high heat combustion of the fuel releases high energy gases that spin the blades on the turbine. The spinning blades then rotate the turbine shaft, which engages the generator. The generator creates electricity.

The process sounds relatively straightforward, and it is as long as all of the components work in harmony. If one component goes down, the entire system goes down. Each component relies heavily on the others for optimal performance.

Boroscope Inspections

Some components of the gas turbine can be inspected visually to assure proper operation. Other components contained inside the turbine cannot be visually inspected without removing key components for access.

Boroscope inspections allow a complete interior and exterior inspection of the turbine to ensure that each component is in good condition and ready to perform. Safety is heightened with regular inspections and maintenance. Reliability is increased with regular inspections, and any wear can be detected. Boroscope inspections do not require removing key components for the inspection. It is a more accurate way of determining fit for service and the overall condition of the turbine.

It’s important to understand how a gas turbine works for optimal efficiency. Learn more about how a gas turbine works and the best way to inspect your gas turbine through one of the most trusted sources in the industry. Contact Advanced Turbine Support today!

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