How Often Do Turbines Need To Be Inspected?

How Often Do Turbines Need To Be Inspected?

Turbines must be inspected to ensure they’re working at maximum capacity. Yet, many workers ask, How often do turbines need to be inspected? Below you’ll find the answer to this question and read a quick discussion on the best testing methods.

What’s the Timeline?

Regular turbine testing should be completed at least once a year. However, these numbers may change depending on how old the turbine is—testing may need to be upgraded to two or three times a year if the machine is old. If it’s running less efficiently than usual, call for professionals who can help you. Here at Advanced Turbine Support, we can look at the turbines to determine what the problem is so work can return to normal.

What Type of Testing is Best?

On-site steam turbine inspections are more suited for regular maintenance checkups. At Advanced Turbine Support, we use borescope technology to see through a turbine and search for any issues. When the assessment is finished, we’ll produce a document stating our recommendations.

You can also choose to do open casing steam turbine inspections. In this process, we take your equipment apart so we can get a better look at what’s going on inside. We’ll look for faulty parts and IP steam path failures. We’ll give you a document at the end of the inspection that details what the next steps should be.

What Should You Do if We Find a Problem?

So far, you’ve done the inspection and received our recommendations. What’s next? Advanced Turbine Support will perform a retrieval to remove any broken or missing parts in the turbine. We can provide video documentation of this process from 600ft away if we’re given advanced notice. On-the-spot video documentation can be given from 150ft away.

This piece has answered the question: How often do turbines need to be inspected? A general rule of thumb is to perform these tests once a year. However, if your equipment isn’t running properly, you may need to increase the tests. Luckily, Advanced Turbine Support can do on-site inspections to determine the cause of the problem. Our team will ensure you can get back to work in a timely manner.

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