How Does Borescope Inspection Work for Turbines?

How Does Borescope Inspection Work for Turbines?

You must maintain your facility’s turbines if you want to prevent stoppage in work. Regular checkups should ensure the turbines aren’t wearing out or breaking over time. Another way you can maintain turbines is through borescope inspection. This piece will go over how borescope inspection works for turbines. This cutting-edge technology is making strides in the turbine industry.

The First Step

The first step in a borescope inspection is to find the right team to perform the task. Advanced Turbine Support offers some of the best borescope inspection services you’ll find. We work with only top-rated tools; plus, our team is highly skilled, so you can rest assured you’re getting the right information when the inspection is complete.

What’s Next?

Once you hire the right team to do the inspection, it’s time to get started. Borescopes are thin tubes with cameras on the end. During a borescope inspection, a trained professional will push the tube down the turbine. From there, the borescope will take pictures of the turbine’s interior to determine if there’s any damage or if any areas need extra attention.

The Final Actions

After the inspection is over, you’ll receive a report of the details that were discovered. Borescope technology takes top-quality pictures, so you’ll see exactly where a problem is. Perhaps the most significant benefit of enlisting borescope inspection services is that the tube can access hard-to-reach spots in the turbine. The tool does things you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.

Borescope inspections are necessary for regular maintenance and for detecting issues. Advanced Turbine Support is proud to perform the best borescope inspection services in the business. We understand how detrimental stoppages are to a plant’s efficiency—that’s why we aim to fix turbines fixed ASAP. Now that you know how borescope inspection works for turbines, you can decide if the service is right for you.

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