How Are Robots Used in Robot Inspection Services?

How Are Robots Used in Robot Inspection Services?

Technological advancements have made it possible for robots to act as a practical solution for challenges across many industries. Among the most notable applications is robotic inspections. In many industries, there are concerns surrounding typical human inspections. Robots have begun to fill inspection roles to better avoid safety risks and human error. Read on to answer the question, “How are robots used in robot inspection services?”

Remote Inspection

Remote monitoring robots perform all manner of checks today. There are robots today capable of doing inspections autonomously. In most cases, workers control the units remotely to perform all manner of inspections. This remote arrangement allows inspectors to perform their duties without placing themselves in harm’s way when interacting with large equipment or hazardous materials.

Robotic Manipulation

Robotic manipulation systems are another example of how robots are used in robot inspection services. These types of robots are stationary but have advanced functionality. They feature joints that operators can manipulate to make the robot perform complex tasks. Robotic manipulation systems can also attach to numerous systems/tools. What’s more, they can work alongside remote inspection robots to perform complex tasks.

Remote Visual Inspection

Inspection robots have made it possible to do visual inspections remotely. Robots fitted with cameras can capture still images and take live footage meant for inspecting equipment, locations, and other visual inspection applications.

Advanced remote visual inspection robots feature lighting that ensures they perform the best visual inspection regardless of the natural lighting conditions. Visual inspection robots also allow operators to gain visual access in small spaces. For example, robots can inspect the inside of generators safely and identify issues without disassembling the generator.

Aerial Surveillance

Drones are popular robots for aerial surveillance purposes. Today’s most sophisticated drones include high-tech cameras and other technology (sensors, GPS), making it possible to do visual inspections from the air remotely over long distances. Drones have made aerial surveillance incredibly efficient and affordable. Their small size boosts portability and makes them perfect for security surveillance applications.

Scanning Inspections

Industries also rely on robots with scanning functionality for inspections. The inspections range from ultrasonic to radiographic, phased array, and magnetic particle tests. Scanning systems fitted on robots can work alongside other robot inspection systems such as robotic manipulation and remote inspection systems.

Robots have a wide array of inspection applications. Advanced Turbine Support offers a variety of robot inspection services, including generator robotic inspection. Our extensive knowledge and non-destructive methods allow us to provide accurate, efficient evaluations of equipment. Contact our team today to learn more about our services and discover how our inspections have saved our customers millions.

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