How Do You Blend Turbine Blades? And Why It’s Important

How Do You Blend Turbine Blades? And Why It’s Important

Maintenance is necessary when working with turbines. Individuals should perform proper inspections to ensure the turbines run at maximum capacity. Failing to check things over can lead to failure and inadequate efficiency. Workers carry out turbine blending to repair blade damage found during an inspection. If you’re asking, “How do you blend turbine blades?” you’ve come to the right place. We’ll explain blending and why it’s important.

Removing Stress Compressors

Over time, particles from the atmosphere come near a turbine’s blades, causing them to degrade. Things like dirt and debris are stress compressors that affect how a blade works. Turbine blending services remove stress compressors from the blades. Essentially, professionals sand the blade’s edge in different directions until it’s smooth again. You shouldn’t feel any bump or friction when you run your hand along the edge afterward. Advanced Turbine Support offers the best blending options in the business. Our work always meets or exceeds OEM standards, and we’re all professionals.

Why Is It Important?

Turbine blending is essential for the overall health of an engine. When workers allow too much debris to accumulate on the blades, the blades won’t run efficiently. This inefficiency can lead to engine failure. Although stress compressors have minimal effect on airflow, they can cause major issues if left unattended.

What Makes Advanced Turbine Support Different?

Here at Advanced Turbine Support, we understand how detrimental stress compressors can be to a blade. That’s why we use our expertise to effectively remove all damage and get the blade back in working condition. We map out all damaged areas before blending to ensure we miss nothing. We take blending very seriously because we want to extend the service life of your components.

This piece has answered two questions: How do you blend turbine blades? And why is it important? Without blending, debris will accumulate on the blades, causing them to be inefficient. Luckily, Advanced Turbine Support is available to sand the edges and get rid of the damage for you.

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