What Is the Main Purpose of a Steam Turbine in a Factory?

What Is the Main Purpose of a Steam Turbine in a Factory?

Most of this country’s electricity is produced by steam turbines. Many individuals are surprised by this fact because they don’t understand how the machines work. This article will address the main purpose of a steam turbine in a factory to show how instrumental they are.

How Do They Work?

The boiling point of water is 100 degrees Celsius. At this point, water vaporizes and becomes steam. During the vaporization process, water molecules expand. Essentially, steam turbines utilize the energy provided by those expanded molecules for energy output. This happens when steam passes through a turbine’s blades and expands. During expansion, the molecules release energy, which is transformed from potential to kinetic energy.

What Are the Advantages?

Steam turbines are incredibly efficient. They require fewer parts than other engines producing the same amount of energy. Perhaps the most significant benefit of steam turbines is they’re incredibly powerful. Steam turbines are often huge; the amount of power they release is proportionate to their size.

Steam Turbine Testing

Since steam turbines play such an essential role in a factory’s efficiency, it’s important that they’re tested regularly. Advanced Turbine Support does some of the best steam turbine testing in the business. We offer borescope inspections that examine the quality of the equipment as a whole. Here, we take a small camera through the turbine to see if there are any pressing issues that someone should address. People will receive a document and the end of the analysis reporting what we’ve found.

We also perform open case inspections. Open case inspections are best suited for individuals who know there’s a problem with the device. The team at Advanced Turbine Support will open the machine and look for any damage. We have replacement parts for steam turbines if a problem is discovered. We understand how crucial these machines are. For this reason, we felt it necessary to discuss the main purpose of a steam turbine in a factory.

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