What Are the Disadvantages of Borescope Inspection?

What Are the Disadvantages of Borescope Inspection?

Workers must inspect turbines to ensure no debris or damage prevents them from running efficiently. Luckily, the field of turbine inspection has advanced dramatically over the years. One method is borescope inspection. Although this alternative seems beneficial, this article will answer the question: what are the disadvantages of borescope inspection?

Things May Be Missed

Someone sends a small tube with an attached camera down the turbine during a borescope inspection. The camera will help people see everything wrong with the device. The technology is advanced, but there’s always a chance the camera misses something. Though it’s more labor-intensive, taking the turbine apart is a more effective way to inspect it.

It’s Costly

Since borescope sevices are so technologically advanced, they have a hefty price tag. People are paying for the services, the equipment needed, and the labor involved in the process. If a business decides to undergo borescope inspections, it could waste money.

What if It Doesn’t Work?

Perhaps the most obvious answer to the question what are the disadvantages of borescope inspection is that the machine can malfunction. What if a company spends lots of money on these services, only to discover the camera isn’t working? Relying on technology is a scary thing. Perhaps doing things the old-fashioned way is best.

The team at Advanced Turbine Support believes it’s crucial to discuss the disadvantages of borescope inspections so that people can make an informed decision. Individuals should know that just because this is the newest technology doesn’t mean it’s the only choice out there. Taking a turbine apart may increase the inspection quality because there’s a lower chance things will be missed. Workers also don’t have to rely on technology, and it’s more cost-effective. Hopefully, this article gives industry leaders something to consider.

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