What Does a Flexible Borescope Do and Why Is It Useful?

What Does a Flexible Borescope Do and Why Is It Useful?

It’s vital to examine turbines often. Regular maintenance is key to keeping a turbine running well into the future. Workers can perform these tests in various ways; they can do traditional inspections and take the turbine apart to discover potential issues. However, there are easier ways to do the same task. Discover what a flexible borescope does and why it’s useful.

What Is a Flexible Borescope?

Flexible borescopes are long tubes with a camera on the end. Essentially, people can move the tube through a turbine, taking pictures during the inspection. Advanced Turbine Support’s borescope services produce high-quality images with a minimal need for disassembly.

Why Are They Useful?

Flexible borescopes are incredibly useful; they’re ushering in a modern trend in the turbine industry. Taking a turbine apart takes a lot of time and energy. Companies can save on labor costs by utilizing borescope services. Additionally, workers can complete these tests on-site, meaning they don’t have to lug the turbine to another location if they suspect something is wrong.

Who Can Operate a Flexible Borescope?

Not everyone is qualified to perform a borescope inspection. People must receive training to operate the tool before testing. Untrained professionals shouldn’t try to do examinations because the equipment is costly, and they could end up doing more damage than good.

Now that you know what a flexible borescope does and why it’s useful, you can see that using borescope technology is a better solution than traditional methods. Advanced Turbine Support performs top-quality borescope services that’ll address any existing issues. We do these tests on-site, so there’s no need to move the turbine to another location. Moreover, our technology produces high-quality images that would otherwise be impossible to capture. Companies should shy away from their conventional practices and embrace modern trends emerging in the turbine industry.

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