How Does a Gas Turbine Generate Power and Electricity?

How Does a Gas Turbine Generate Power and Electricity?

Gas turbines, also called combustion turbines, are crucial to the success of power plants all over the world. These devices give generators the energy they need to complete important functions in your facility.

Combustion turbines are complex mechanisms that work by transforming chemical and mechanical energy into electrical energy. To understand the inner workings of your essential equipment, learn how a gas turbine generates power and electricity.

Step 1: Fuel Ignition

First, gas turbines need to undergo a chemical reaction. Your device will take in air to mix with fuel to create this change. Once the air-fuel mixture ignites, your turbine will harness smoke from the reaction to generate mechanical energy.

Step 2: Spinning Blades

How does a gas turbine use mechanical energy to generate power and electricity? Combustion turbines harness the smoke from the ignition phase to turn their blades. These internal components then go on to rotate other integral pieces that efficiently move the process along.

Step 3: Turning Drive Shaft

The movement from the turbine blades helps turn the generator’s drive shaft. This additional component transfers that mechanical energy. Drive shafts connect to a compressor, continuously drawing in air to fuel the ignition and spin the generator to produce electricity.

Step 4: Turbine Rotation

A generator uses this energy by using mechanical force to operate an internal magnet. This magnet turns on a rod and, with the help of some copper and assorted wires, creates electrons for the generator to use.

Step 5: Electron Movement

As this magnet spins, it forms a powerful magnetic field full of electrons. Copper coils and wires assist this process and help move electrons to where they need to go. The movement of electrons through wires produces usable electricity so that generators can power facilities with enough energy to operate.

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