Tips for Maximizing Gas Turbine Efficiency

Tips for Maximizing Gas Turbine Efficiency

Many industrial sites rely on gas turbines to produce energy. These machines should make power generation quick and easy. However, you might notice a reduction in your gas turbine’s performance over time.

You can’t afford to waste production time on inefficient equipment. Learn how to maximize gas turbine efficiency to get the most out of your industrial machines.

Reduce Internal Air Temperatures

Gas turbines use air and combustible fluids to create power. However, this reaction relies on a very specific kind of environment. Heat alters air density. If it’s too hot, your turbine won’t perform as it should.

You’ll need to reduce your turbine’s internal temperature. Turbine inlet air cooling (TIAC) will circulate cooler air throughout the combustion chamber. TIAC systems are especially helpful for plants in hot climates.

Control Humidity Levels

Many things can raise air temperatures in and around your gas turbine. Turbines operating in hot, humid environments may struggle to maintain proper temperatures. However, controlling humidity levels will help improve your turbine’s efficiency.

The key is achieving the right balance. Gas turbines need a certain level of moisture to keep the air cool. Investing in state-of-the-art monitoring systems will allow you to manage temperature and humidity levels with ease.

Perform Routine Inspections

Another tip for maximizing gas turbine efficiency is to inspect your equipment. Damaged components and obsolete parts will consume energy without an increase in performance. You won’t know what’s causing the disturbance until you do some investigative work.

Non-destructive evaluations can give you an inside look into your equipment without stopping production. Borescopes fit into tiny crevices and give you a good view of your turbine’s internal parts. Also, consider hiring a support service like Advanced Turbine Support to get an expert opinion.

Develop a Maintenance Routine

Once you’ve inspected your turbine, you should develop a comprehensive maintenance routine. You can’t expect equipment to run at its best if you don’t keep it in good condition.

Look into turbine blending services to polish and repair damaged components. Give extra attention to combustion chamber parts since they operate in extreme heat. Regular maintenance will improve efficiency and increase your turbine’s longevity.

Maximize Gas Turbine Efficiency With Advanced Turbine Support

Keeping your equipment in good condition takes lots of work. Instead of tackling efficiency problems yourself, call Advanced Turbine Support. From blade blending to non-invasive evaluation, we carry out various services to get your machine running at maximum capacity.

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