6 Tips for Turbine Generator Maintenance

6 Tips for Turbine Generator Maintenance

Due to their complex nature, gas and steam turbine generators require specialized care. Power generation plants must stay on top of repairs to keep their equipment in working order. Follow these tips for turbine generator maintenance to preserve your important machines.

Perform Frequent Inspections

A good maintenance plan starts with thorough inspections. Be aware of any developing problems so you can address them ASAP. All industrial equipment should undergo annual inspections; older turbine generators benefit from semi-annual checks, too.

Operators should do quick surface and surrounding inspections every day. This way, you can get ahead of issues before they create a catastrophe. Don’t forget to inspect turbine blades for cracks and erosion.

Design a Regular Maintenance Routine

Sporadic maintenance doesn’t help your equipment. Instead, design and stick to a regular service schedule. Following a plan improves efficiency and ensures every component receives adequate care.

Daily maintenance tasks include checking fluid levels and monitoring temperatures, speeds, and flow rates. Your weekly service list might include inspecting turbines for various leaks. Every month, review your generator’s performance and change dirty filters.

Schedule Maintenance During Slow Production

Timing is key when maintaining your turbine generators. You don’t want to schedule service at the height of production. Instead, perform maintenance when things are slower to reduce downtime.

It’s also helpful to plan machine service with fewer employees on the work floor. Doing so decreases safety hazards and gives maintenance crews sufficient space to perform their duties.

Use Relevant Technology

Advancements in technology make inspection and maintenance quick and easy. Use innovative tools to your advantage. For example, robotic testing and borescope inspections check hard-to-reach areas without disassembly.

This kind of technology is essential for increasing efficiency. It also improves safety conditions by removing employees from hazardous environments. Remote inspections and repairs don’t require humans in the direct vicinity of dangerous machines.

Keep Detailed Documentation

Another tip for turbine generator maintenance is to keep records. Detailed documentation helps you notice patterns in performance and repairs. You’ll also avoid repeating unnecessary steps that reduce productivity.

Thorough records contain valuable data. If you notice a turbine requiring more maintenance than usual, it might be time to replace it. Investing in efficient machinery is more cost-effective than doing frequent repairs and part replacements, especially if performance is dwindling.

Hire a Generator Testing Company

Even seasoned power-generation professionals need help from time to time. A generator testing company gives you a fresh set of eyes on machinery. This outside party may identify problems in your equipment or system that will improve the quality of work.

Look for generator testing companies like Advanced Turbine Support. We offer innovative robotic testing and other non-destructive methods that won’t interfere with production. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and refresh your turbine generators.

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