The Advantages of Steam Turbines Over Gas

The Advantages of Steam Turbines Over Gas

Power generation services usually rely on two machines; gas and steam turbines. While they perform similar functions, they operate differently. Steam turbines offer several advantages over gas turbines that may make them more attractive to certain industries.

Why choose a steam turbine over a gas alternative? The decision comes down to sustainability, usability, and maintenance requirements. Discover the benefits of steam turbines and how they can improve your operations.

Greater Fuel Versatility

As the name suggests, gas turbines rely on natural gas to generate energy. This non-renewable resource limits fuel diversity and may increase your plant’s carbon footprint. Steam turbines can use multiple sources to convert water into steam.

Many facilities use coal to create steam, which isn’t sustainable. Fortunately, most industries are turning to eco-friendly options like geothermal and biomass energy. The bottom line is that turbines offer greater fuel versatility, which increases efficiency and decreases environmental impact.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Another advantage steam turbines have over gas turbines is energy efficiency. Gas turbines lose a lot of energy in the combustion phase. Typically, the efficiency level is just over 55 percent on a good day.

Steam turbines waste less energy, even when accounting for condensation. A well-maintained steam turbine will have an efficiency level of 90 percent! This value can increase if you use sustainable fuel sources and a thorough maintenance routine.

Easier Maintenance

Steam turbines have a much simpler design than gas turbines. They have fewer moving parts, making them easier to maintain. You don’t have to increase your maintenance budget repairing components that don’t exist in steam turbines, like combustion chambers or air compressors.

Since steam turbines operate with water, there’s usually less material build-up to remove than on gas turbines. Steam turbines also use less heat to generate power, making them safer to handle.

Inspect Your Steam Turbines With Advanced Turbine Support

You need comprehensive steam turbine inspection services to keep things in good condition and reap the benefits of your equipment. Contact Advanced Turbine Support and let us conduct non-destructive testing on your machines. With our help, your steam turbine will withstand years of hard work.

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