Why Borescope Technology Is Important in Aviation

Why Borescope Technology Is Important in Aviation

Borescopes have been valuable for the aviation industry for many years. But why is that? These devices can provide detailed insights into a machine without taking anything apart. Continue reading to understand why borescope technology is important in aviation.

What Is a Borescope?

Many people believe that a borescope is any RVI (remote visual inspection) tool, but it’s different from a video scope or fiberscope. This rigid optical instrument is only useful when you have a straight and direct line to the inspected object. Prisms or mirrors carry the image from the distal end to the camera or eyepiece on the proximal end of the borescope. It’s a traditional form of technology and is known to deliver outstanding optical clarity.

Look at Hard-To-See Areas

There are areas you can’t access or see without using a borescope. And aviation equipment is expensive to take apart and put back together. RVI instruments allow technicians to conduct visual inspections without removing any pieces. A specialist can easily work on complex equipment and machinery with a borescope.

Using a Borescope Effectively

Modern borescopes contain electronics that can provide years of trouble-free service if you treat the instruments well. Borescopes have camera attachments that allow you to take photos of the problem area. There’s no such thing as taking too many pictures. When in doubt, grab an image and get a second opinion. It’s easier to delete an unnecessary photo than to return to the same area twice.

It’s a good idea to have various borescopes available for different situations. Attend the proper training so you understand how to use the instrument. This advice will save you time and money.

Be thorough with your search, use the best instrument you can afford, and don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion. Understanding why borescope technology is important in aviation will help you properly use the tool.

If you don’t feel comfortable using a borescope yourself, contact Advanced Turbine Support. We provide borescope services for our clients. Our experienced inspectors will find the problem areas for you.

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