A Brief Look at the Design of Steam Turbine Blades

A Brief Look at the Design of Steam Turbine Blades

You may be familiar with steam turbines, but do you know about their blade design? These machines are integral devices for today’s society, and the blade size and style matter. Continue reading for a brief look at the design of steam turbine blades.

What Is a Steam Turbine?

Steam turbines use rotating blades to convert kinetic or thermal energy to mechanical energy. They accelerate high pressure and steam to produce the spinning blades’ reaction and impulse forces. This steam force generates power that it sends to the rotor.

Steam turbines come in different sizes and shapes. The blade design used for each steam turbine is different. These large machines have limits, but there are ways to increase their efficiency. Increasing the inlet pressure and temperature will make a steam turbine more efficient. Although, doing so could decrease the turbine’s lifespan.

Designing Steam Turbines and Blades

Engineers must have in-depth knowledge from many fields before designing a steam turbine. It’s expensive to develop steam turbines but also essential. These giant machines are significant for today’s modern life and economy. They provide the world with electricity, and improved innovations will improve their longevity and efficiency.

The design of steam turbine blades depends on different factors of the steam turbine, including size and style. Two of the most common types are reactive and impulse.


A reaction turbine uses reaction force to work. There are no nozzles to direct the steam like its counterpart, the impulse turbine. Engineers mount and shape the blades to create a nozzle instead. These are moving blades since they sit on the revolving section of the rotor.

The fixed blades are the same shape as the moving ones. They help guide the steam to the moving blades.


Impulse-designed turbines use the direct push of steam to rotate the blades. Curved blades attach to the rotor, and a nozzle sends the steam toward the arched blades, which catches the force and quickly spins.

Closing Thoughts on Turbine Blades

The shape of the blade significantly correlates with the size and style of the steam turbine. For the turbine to operate properly, the blades must be of the correct shape and size.

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