5 Essential Tools for Engine Turbine Blade Maintenance

5 Essential Tools for Engine Turbine Blade Maintenance

Maintaining your turbine blades is incredibly important. It ensures everything is operating properly and your business can continue functioning. To get a better understanding of engine turbine blade maintenance, learn about these five essential tools technicians use.

Safety Wire Pliers

Blade maintenance requires safety wire pliers to ensure no nuts and bolts loosen during operation. These large pliers hold and tie large aluminum wires to form giant, strong wire braids. To guarantee zero issues with the nuts and bolts, technicians tie the wires together for extreme toughness.

Torque Wrench

The torque wrench will effectively do its job to land a specific torque or tightness. The screws and fasteners need this for the blade to operate efficiently. You could end up with a loose blade or blades that spin less quickly due to the tightness.

Regular spanners won’t effectively handle this job of fastening screws. A calibrated torque wrench is the only reliable tool. You can set the torque wrench at various tightnesses, making them incredibly effective for turbine blade maintenance.

Speed Handle

Want to know the most efficient tool in blade and aircraft maintenance? It’s the speed handle. There’s a lot of work to do in a short period. Mechanics don’t have time to move from one issue to another.

The speed handle allows technicians to remove a screw quickly with one hand while the other handles the repairs. It’s incredibly important when working on a high-end engine with loads of screws.

Metalworking Tools

There’s a lot of metal in a turbine engine blade. Technicians must come ready with metalworking tools to cut, fasten, and bend metal. These tools include rivet drills and guns that install rivets. These rivets keep the structure of the aircraft together. As you can see, they’re incredibly important.


Unfortunately, there are hidden places where technicians can’t see the issue firsthand. A borescope acts as a “pair of eyes” that see into hard-to-reach areas that mechanics can’t view normally. The tool will non-destructively inspect the inner workings of the part and give the technician a better understanding of the problem.

Knowing these essential engine turbine blade maintenance tools helps you better understand a mechanic’s job. If you’re looking for a reliable business to maintain your turbine, turn to Advanced Turbine Support. Our turbine blending services will ensure all parts are operating effectively and efficiently. Contact us today to find out more.

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