Essential Steam Turbine Troubleshooting Measures

Essential Steam Turbine Troubleshooting Measures


Vibrational issues can cause serious trouble in a steam turbine, and you could end up with a real disaster on your hands. Troubleshooting the problem can help you figure out the issue before it becomes catastrophic. Below, you’ll find essential steam turbine troubleshooting methods for vibration. You can diagnose the cause by comparing the vibration frequencies of the affected vibrating component.

Rotor Crack

Steam turbines undergo high cycle fatigue, which can lead to catastrophic rotor failure if facilities don’t gather complete information regarding the issue. High temperatures are among the most influential factors in crack growth.

The process of high cyclic fatigue is prevalent in steam turbines and other rotating systems. Severe failure comes from necessary yet insufficient information concerning important rotor issues. You’ll notice reduced shaft stiffness, which leads to a lower rotational speed.

Try to repair the rotor if the rotor is under 10 years old. It’s the less costly and time-consuming route. If the rotor is over 10 years old, your best option is to replace it completely.


Uncontrolled misalignment can cause variation in a steam turbine’s vibrational behavior. Misalignment exerts a significant amount of bending at the couplings. An indication of misalignment is revamping cold and hot vibrational behavior, which will happen as a once-per-revolution vibration.

You can cite even the slightest deviation as misalignment, and you can avoid misalignment issues in a few ways. Stay on top of bearing replacements since this is typically where the problem occurs. Ensure sufficient clearance between rotating and stationary parts and the bearings and shaft.


All rotating components deal with unbalancing, but serious problems occur when it happens to a higher degree. You need to fix the issue to rebalance the rotor. If the unbalance occurs in the rotor bow, consider replacing it. Add the required weight to the affected side to fix the extra vibrations if there’s an improper mass distribution.

Troubleshooting vibrational causes reduces the chances of catastrophic failure. These essential steam turbine troubleshooting measures can improve a steam turbine’s service life. If you require turbine support, turn to Advanced Turbine Support. Our 24-hour services will ensure your steam turbines continue operating efficiently, no matter the time of day.

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